Happy Halloween!

The girls sorta remember last year. They knew they’d get to wear their costumes and would get candy from our neighbors. But for my Little Man, this was his first ever Halloween. He won’t be getting any candy, doesn’t know or care about a costume, and isn’t entirely sure what to do with his pumpkin, but gosh he is cute!

I hope everyone had a happy safe and happy night tonight. Here is our family represented in pumpkins. (The girls thought my Rusty one was a fox, but oh well!)

Kylie, Anina, Wyatt, Russell, Alyssa

The trio about to set out.

Happy Halloween! Now it’s time the “inspect” the kids candy. 🙂

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On The Move

He may not be crawling yet, but that doesn’t mean my Little Man exactly stays where I put him either. He has figured out a few ways to get around and into trouble. Oh what fun these next few months will be. And look at that face! He is so proud of himself 🙂

(He started out on the blanket) Today his fascination was with the knobs on the cabinet. And he seemed really interested in the TV but couldn’t figure out how to turn it on…yet.

At his age now (7 months 3 weeks) Kylie had been crawling for about a week, and Alyssa did about 3 weeks later. I just love watching little ones crawl! I really am looking forward to all the shenanigans he is about to get into.

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My Body

It is no secret. I have three kids. I had three kids in less than three years. I had TWINS and then another baby only 25 months later. You might be able to imagine exactly what that does to a belly. (I won’t show you, so just use your imagination.)

I will tell you I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model. And I don’t look like those super active teenage girls who can pretty much walk around in a bikini 24/7 and look fantastic. (Kara!) And I don’t look like I spend hours hitting the gym everyday like those celebrities who drop all their baby weight within weeks of giving birth.

But that is o.k. You know why?

Because I am not a model. And thank God for that! I like to eat way too much. And I’m not 17. And I don’t have hired help to raise my kids and cook my meals and clean my house so I can have all those hours everyday to work out. (And really, if I had all that what are the odds that I would actually choose to spend time exercising?)

What I am is a mom. And that is an incredible thing. Let me rephrase my thought… My Body Is An Incredible Thing.

My body has done exactly what it was designed to do. It has safely brought three little lives into this world. It has protected and nourished those three babies (and actually even more than that thanks to milk donation)

Sure I can feel self conscious about my “twin skin” as I like to call it, or get discouraged trying on clothes. You will probably never see me cruising the beach in a bikini again thanks to my lovely stretch marks. But I am proud of what my body has done.

I am proud.

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Indoor Bowling

A couple of days ago I set up a little indoor bowling game for the girls to play. Good work for motor skills and hand eye coordination, and they loved it! I have been saving some 2 liter bottles for a while now (we drink very little soda, so it has taken a few months) but I finally got 5 together. We have a nice little linoleum patch by our front door which made for a perfect place to set up the “pins”. I used some blue painters tape on the floor to show them where to throw from and let them go.

They are twins, so we already have taking turns down pretty well… as long as everyone has gotten enough sleep 🙂

They had somewhat of a hard time with the balls, so I also brought out bean bags that I had made last year. They are smaller and don’t bounce around, so accuracy was more important, but heavier and easier to get some force behind. It didn’t really matter because the girls enjoyed both and didn’t get frustrated when they missed. And they loved setting the bottles back up when they did knock them over.

It became a little more baseball and a little less bowling than what I imagined, but it was all o.k. My little Bear (Kylie) was quite the thrower. She was pretty accurate and even threw the balls one handed. She might have a future as a pitcher or something!

I love her face in this one!

All in all it was a super cheap, very easy game that they really enjoyed. I will be pulling these bottles out again and again. As they get better at knocking them down I plan on adding water to the bottles to make them harder to knock over.

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Things They Say- More Babies

A couple of days ago the girls were in their high chairs and were being silly. They are really getting funny little toddler personalities. This particular day they were asking for more food (have more crackers, have more milk, have more strawberries, etc) Then they started asking for things around them that weren’t food because they knew it was silly. One of the things they asked for was more Wyatts. I thought it was really funny. Since Russell was due home any minute I told them they needed to tell him they wanted more Wyatts. Sure enough Russell walked in and came over to say hello to them. “Have more Wyatts!” they yelled, with great enthusiasm. Russell looked at me with a face that said “I am totally terrified, but I want to try to seem supportive for you if this is real” and asked “Are we having more Wyatts?” My poor, amazing husband. I quickly reassured him that we were NOT having more babies anytime soon and we both had a good laugh.

Another day Alyssa and I were talking and she said something about having another baby. I asked her if she wanted to have another little brother or sister. She thought about it for a second and then told me “Yes, get another brother. Put this one away.” (pointing at Wyatt)

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Four Months

Four months since the Little Man was born.

Four months since the girls have been big sisters.

Four months since we were just a family for four.

Four months since one of the best things ever happened to us.

Happy four months to my favorite little guy!

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Their Marks

Before the girls were even born they made their mark on my heart. I will love them for as long as I live.

Unfortunately during the pregnancy they also made their mark on my belly. These stretch marks and stretched out skin (I call it my “twin skin”) aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

And yesterday, they finished a project over two years in the making by putting their marks on my belly… cast!

We made this just 3 days before the girls were born at the biggest I (hopefully!) will ever be. I always envisioned having their hand prints on it, each in their respective positions, and yesterday we did it.

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I Have A Lot To Learn


My kids will forever be teaching (and correcting me) and I am sure the teenage years will only make it worse. Two nights ago while I was getting things ready for dinner the girls were playing phone. They were pretending to call Nana (their great-grandmother) on their play kitchen phone and an old cell phone of mine from years ago. Then Alyssa brought me an old remote, also a toy for them, for me to call Nana as well. So, as any good mom would I put the remote up to my ear and “talked” to Nana.

This is where Alyssa needed to correct me.

“Upside down!”

Clearly, the problem with my remote control telephone was that I was using it upside down. Sorry Bean.

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In Sync

There are so many cool things about being a parent, and having a new little one can be especially amazing.

One cool thing I just learned is that a baby can smell and recognize his mom from up to 20 feet away. It is a pretty incredible bond between a mom and her baby. Did you know that moms and their babies can actually instantly synchronize their heartbeats (to within milliseconds!) simply by looking at each other? To read more about this study click here and here.

Now if only we could bond with a few less middle of the night feedings, that would be wonderful!

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Mini Mamas

Most of you know how obsessed the girls have been with being little mamas since even before Wyatt was born, and since his arrival they have gotten to see a whole new range of “mommy” tasks. Most importantly, breastfeeding. So when they took turns nursing their babies I wasn’t surprised at all, but was excited to take pictures of course!



Let’s face it, there are a lot worse things they could imitate me doing!

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