Eight Years

Jan. 7, 2006.

Our wedding day.


It seems like a whole other life ago, and really it was. The end of our individual lives and the beginning of our journey together.

Russell had just graduated college (2 weeks before) and was about the start a new job (right after we got back from our honeymoon) we were moving to a new state and leaving behind all of our family and friends. We were young kids really. But we loved each other and chose to be a family.


We promised to love each other in the good times and bad, in sickness and heath, for richer or poorer. Thankfully we have not yet been parted by death, but I assure you we have experienced every one of the other times.  I am a firm believer that no marriage is ever perfect. We are flawed, selfish creatures. Choosing to love the other person, sometimes when you don’t even like them at the moment, is not always easy. It is a choice, everyday, to love the other person.


A little over four years later our family doubled in size when we welcomed our twins. Parenting has brought us closer, and added so much to our marriage. Including stress. We look back now at the first years or our relationship and marriage and laugh about the things we used to argue about. They seem so trivial now.


Tonight we’ll celebrate all our time together, and the promises we made to each other on that special day.


I love this last picture. I am trying to give my new husband instructions on how better to hit my dad on the head with a spoon in his mouth. Ask me sometime and I’d love to explain it to you.

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Hugs And Love

There has been a whole lot of love going on around here lately. One day the girls insisted I take about 100 pictures of them hugging. It was so cute. here are just a few:


And the little man better get used to girls hanging all over him, because if his big sisters can’t get enough just wait until he gets to high school!

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Sisterly Love

I don’t have much to say for today’s post, but I wanted to share this picture from a few days ago. Wyatt was in one of those floor play mats and Kylie laid down next to him and, very gently, just held his hand. It was so precious and is not surprising at all since both girls have such an obvious love for their brother. I couldn’t be more proud of how they have adjusted to their new roles as big sisters.

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Their First Love

Their perfect man. They’ve found him, no need to look any further. They don’t even seem to mind that they have to share him.

Or that he is a puppet.

Actually, they have hardly seem Elmo (or anyone else on TV for that matter) at all. But they read about him in their books. Oh, their books. My girls LOVE their books. And for some reason Elmo has always stood out as their favorite. Both of them. And I don’t know why. People have suggested because his name is easy to say, and it is true that they do say “Elmo” very well. But they also can identify and say “Grover”, “Murray”, “Burt” and a version of “Big Bird”. But maybe that is the thing about love, you can’t always give it a how or why.

So when we were cruising through walmart the other day and spotted Elmo pajamas, we couldn’t resist. Technically these are boys pajamas (the smallest Elmo girls pj’s were 5T) but I think they are perfect for our little beauties. And they sure don’t seem to mind. In fact, they wore those pj’s for almost 2 days straight.

We had some more fun with this photo shoot, so you get a few pictures. Too bad my finger covered the flash a bit on the one where they are looking at each other. Maybe someday I will actually get a good picture of that!

I know some of you can tell the girls apart in pictures, and some of you can’t. But for those who can… No, you’re not crazy, there is one picture where they switch places. 🙂

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