Just A Couple Months Late

A couple posts ago (way back in Oct!) I showed you the inspiration behind the kids’ Halloween costumes. Well, I didn’t completely flake out because I did sew the costumes, I just never posted again to show you what they looked like.

As I expected, very few people knew who they were. Except for one man who corrected his partner when he said Kylie was Cinderella. He was the only one who knew Kylie was the Blue Fairy. Quite a few people thought Wyatt was the Mad Hatter, and well, like I thought most people knew Alyssa was Pinocchio. There was one person who asked if Alyssa was Peter Pan and Kylie was Tinkerbell when we were having their pictures taken. Seriously, people? Seriously…

So here they are in all their glory!

Halloween 2013 (1)

As a bonus we won “Best Family Theme” at our Moms of Multiples Halloween party!

October 2013 187

Here we are about to go trick or treating. Wyatt did not want to take a picture, he was ready to go!

October 2013 189

Setting out (a little fuzzy, but one of the only ones of Alyssa)

October 2013 190

Kylie & Wyatt

Checking out the neighbors decorations

Checking out the neighbors’ decorations

Kylie was thrilled her want actually glowed!

Kylie was thrilled her want actually glowed!

And just to mess with you, here they are trying on each others costumes.

And just to mess with you, here they are trying on each others costumes.

So… Happy Halloween everyone!!! I am seriously going to try to post this in a more timely fashion next time 🙂

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Molly Bears

I try to share things as I find them, and what I am sharing today is something really special.

It is called Molly Bears.

They make stuffed animal bears for families that have suffered the loss of a baby. The bears are custom made and weighted to be the exact same weight as the baby lost. Having never experienced this myself I can’t say for sure, but I imagine this to be a wonderful way for parents to remember and celebrate the little life they loved so much. Here are a few pictures that I got from their facebook page.

with an initial

twin bears

girly bear

little man with a tie

Molly Bears is non-profit and relies totally on donations (that are tax deductible). If you are interested in donating please click here. And if you know of someone (or you yourself have a need for a bear) please click here.

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If There Is A Doggie Heaven…

… then I bet Annie and Oakley are out on a trail ride.

… maybe Annie and Dana are playing chase.

…then Annie’s tired old body is no longer holding back her playful, enthusiastic soul.

If there is a doggie heaven then one of the best, sweetest, and most loved dogs has found a new home.

There is always a sadness when you lose someone you love, and the loss of a pet is no different. But Annie lived a wonderful life in a home where she never doubted the love for her. You can’t ask for more than that. And I know she touched us all in a way that will continue to stay with us.

Play in peace forever, sweet Annie. We love you and miss you.

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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I had every intention of trying to get away from the sad posts, but when I saw this picture I could not help but share it with you. A few days ago I told you about Kristen and Adele. Many of you had such beautiful and encouraging things to say and I want to thank you all for that. The family was able to have a photographer from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep come and take portraits of Addie and the whole family. For those of you who are unaware NILMDTS provides free portraits to families suffering from the loss of a baby. It is a beautiful organization that helps allow for healing in ways many parents would not necessarily think of at the time. Here is a very special shot they took of baby Adele and her family.

I am going to add a few links if you would like to show support.

To donate to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, click here.

To send your words of comfort to the Hoagland Family, click here.

To send a donation to help with expenses for Addie, please mail checks to:

Highland Baptist Church
3014 Maple Ave.
Waco, TX  76707

and designate “The Hoagland Fund” in the memo line.

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Heaven Has A New Angel

About a week ago I did something I rarely do, I asked my friends on Facebook to pray for an old friend of mine named Kristen.  She was getting induced  to deliver a baby doctors said would probably not survive more than a few minutes. Baby Adele was born Feb. 9, 2011 at 11:09am. (My girls’ first birthday). She fought hard for her chance at life, but passed away this afternoon. In her few days of life she brought so much joy to her family. You can read her whole story by clicking here.

Adele and Mommy

Daddy's first kiss

Kristen and Adele’s story is not the only one of loss that had pulled on my heartstrings recently. Just over a month ago another old friend named Sean lost his 13 month old daughter suddenly and unexpectedly. Little Brynnley had a very severe case of diabetic ketoacidosis, and only 30 hours after checking her into the hospital her parents were donating her organs to try and help save other babies.



The thing about these stories that really strikes me is how much strength both couples have had in the terrible loss of their daughters. While I think I would be so angry that my baby was never given the opportunity to live, Kristen and her husband are praising God for the time they did have with Addie and thanking Him for rescuing her from a life long struggle with her disease. And while I would be overwhelmed with emptiness thinking of my innocent daughter’s life cut short, Sean and his wife called it a “miracle” that through her death Brynnley was able to save (I believe) six other children.

These two couples obviously have incredible faith — more than I do — to be able to handle such tragedy with so much strength and grace. So I am going to ask two things of my readers. 1) Give your little ones a little longer hug and an extra kiss. Be thankful you have them, even when they are driving you crazy. 2) Keep these two families in your thoughts and prayers as I cannot imagine the pain they feel.

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