Some people think I have OCD, or “the OC disorder” (don’t call it that)*, but I like to think of it as just organized. A few months ago we took the girls to a family reunion and had to stay in a hotel. We were in multiple rooms, plus a bigger community room and our stuff was everywhere. When it came time to leave we searched around and had a difficult time even remembering all the toys, books, stuffed animals we had brought with us. We needed a different plan. On the way home I had a stoke of genius and asked Russell if he would think I was crazy if I made tote bags with a small window attached that would allow index cards to be slid in. A list of what was in the bag could be made each time and checked off before coming home. To my surprise he didn’t make fun of me at all, he thought it was a great idea!

I came home and got started. I bought heavy weight fabric in a few fun patterns and made a few different sized bags. I seriously think these are so awesome. The first time we used one was when I was in the hospital with Wyatt. We had a bag of stuff to entertain the girls while they visited, and guess what? Nothing got left behind.

This past we visited family in southern California and took all of our bags this time. There were bags of  all the kids clothes, toys & books, and bathroom stuff. It made coming home so easy because I knew we hadn’t forgotten anything. I even knew we had lost a pair of shorts and was able to rescue it from the dryer there.

After I made sure everything was accounted for I put the laundry together in one bag and flipped the card over and wrote “dirty” on it to keep things straight. So you might think I am OCD, or a little crazy, or maybe you agree and think I am brilliant.

– If you do think this idea is genius and would like some of these bags yourself leave a comment or shoot me an email, I’d be happy to make some for you!-

*Any Arrested Development fans out there?

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