Some people think I have OCD, or “the OC disorder” (don’t call it that)*, but I like to think of it as just organized. A few months ago we took the girls to a family reunion and had to stay in a hotel. We were in multiple rooms, plus a bigger community room and our stuff was everywhere. When it came time to leave we searched around and had a difficult time even remembering all the toys, books, stuffed animals we had brought with us. We needed a different plan. On the way home I had a stoke of genius and asked Russell if he would think I was crazy if I made tote bags with a small window attached that would allow index cards to be slid in. A list of what was in the bag could be made each time and checked off before coming home. To my surprise he didn’t make fun of me at all, he thought it was a great idea!

I came home and got started. I bought heavy weight fabric in a few fun patterns and made a few different sized bags. I seriously think these are so awesome. The first time we used one was when I was in the hospital with Wyatt. We had a bag of stuff to entertain the girls while they visited, and guess what? Nothing got left behind.

This past we visited family in southern California and took all of our bags this time. There were bags of  all the kids clothes, toys & books, and bathroom stuff. It made coming home so easy because I knew we hadn’t forgotten anything. I even knew we had lost a pair of shorts and was able to rescue it from the dryer there.

After I made sure everything was accounted for I put the laundry together in one bag and flipped the card over and wrote “dirty” on it to keep things straight. So you might think I am OCD, or a little crazy, or maybe you agree and think I am brilliant.

– If you do think this idea is genius and would like some of these bags yourself leave a comment or shoot me an email, I’d be happy to make some for you!-

*Any Arrested Development fans out there?

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Their Marks

Before the girls were even born they made their mark on my heart. I will love them for as long as I live.

Unfortunately during the pregnancy they also made their mark on my belly. These stretch marks and stretched out skin (I call it my “twin skin”) aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

And yesterday, they finished a project over two years in the making by putting their marks on my belly… cast!

We made this just 3 days before the girls were born at the biggest I (hopefully!) will ever be. I always envisioned having their hand prints on it, each in their respective positions, and yesterday we did it.

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Draw Doggie

Both girls just love to draw. My brother and his wife(!) –they just got married in February–  bought them magnadoodles for Christmas and let me tell you, those things get used every single day. The other morning Russell sent Kylie into the kitchen to show me something. She had her “color pad” as we call it and was saying “draw doggie.” When I saw what was drawn I didn’t believe it. I thought Russell drew it. But no, our little Bear just may have the artist gene. Check out the picture we were able to snap.

I may be biased, but I think that is a pretty good doggie for a 2 year old to draw!

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A Pear Of Chairs

I have said it before and I am sure I’ll say it again. I love being crafty. I am not the “I sell a ton of items off Etsy and make a bunch of money” kind of crafty. I don’t have that kind of time. But I do enjoy making a good number of custom items for people, that help pay for the crafts I want to do at home for us. Most recently I needed to make a new cover for one of our high chairs. It was that old plasticy vinyl and was literally crumbling to pieces. So I bought a really cute (neutral enough) apple and pear fabric and got to work. The good news is it came out great! The bad news is that it made the other chair just look terrible. The colors on the new cover are bright and fresh, and the colors on the other chair were just different shades of tan that were faded and dirty. SO… I had to make another cover. Luckily I had just enough of the new fabric to make a second cover. (To keep the direction of the pattern going the right direction I had to buy more than I needed.) So at the end of the day we ended up with two brand new matching covers for around $5 each.

I made the holes for the buckles pretty much like a button hole, with small, tight zig zag seams.

The girls really seem to enjoy them and are saying things like “new high chair” and “mama made it”. Thanks girls. Glad you enjoy 🙂

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Half Zip Fleece Pullover

Yesterday I made the girls a pair of matching fleece pullovers with a half zipper. I got this fabric as a Christmas gift from a wonderful friend Holly. I thought it was pretty awesomely 80’s and immediately starting planning on making the girls something to wear. This is what I came up with:


And then I have to include a whole bunch of pictures from this photo shoot, because the girls had so much fun with it!

And just one for my crafty readers, here is what the inside looks like.

Love my beautifully serged edges? Thanks Joanne!

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WHOOO Is Ready For Christmas?

In case you were wondering what I made the girls for Christmas… here it is!

Owl pillows for their big girl beds, in their big girl room!

Who knew Santa could sew?

I made them with the pattern found here.

Side note: How many more times do you think I can make and wrap their presents right in front of them without them having any idea what is going on?

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It’s My Monday, Give Me A Break

Many of you who know me know I like to be organized, and to plan ahead. So I am not sure it needs to be said that I am struggling to be patient about moving the girls into their “big girl room” (currently known as “the guest bedroom”) and get the nursery ready for the baby. Maybe it is nesting, maybe it is just me, but it drives me crazy that it isn’t done yet.

Yes, I know I am only 22 weeks.

But the books say you shouldn’t make any changes for older children during the 3 months before, or the 6 months after the baby arrives. Which means by those standards we should have the girls completely transitioned into their new room by the end of this month. Here is a sneak peak as to what that room currently looks like.

Did I mention we have guests coming for Thanksgiving?

We are so thrilled Russell’s brother and his wife are coming over to spend Thanksgiving with us, but that means I really need to get my butt in gear getting that room decent for guests. And then immediately after they leave get it completely switched out with all the girls stuff.

Here are the big problems I am having.

1- I can’t put the baby stuff in the nursery until we move the girls stuff out. BUT, I don’t want to move the girls stuff into the guest room until we are ready to move them too.

2- We have a ton of old clothes for them, but nothing to pack them up in, so they are just laying on the bed.

3- I haven’t decided whether to keep or toss our clothes that were covered in lighter fluid. I washed them about 50 times, but you never know. (If you don’t know about that I need to do a post soon with all the craziness the girls have been up to)

All of that is to say, this girls room/guest room problem is making me crazy. So this morning to take my mind off of it I spent a little quality time with my sewing machine. I made a super soft, cozy cover for the diaper changing pad

and two pairs of (already loved) owl flannel pants for the girls.

owl print detail

We also spent a lot of time yesterday searching for sturdy and functional pieces of furniture for the “big girls room”. The girls went with us to nearly 10 stores and they did AWESOME. They were so patient, listened when we asked them to follow us, and didn’t break anything! Major success. Although by the end of the day (and three trips total) we ended up buying everything we were looking for at the first store. Now it is time to assemble some furniture and store it in the garage until after Thanksgiving. Also I need to make curtains for their room, which I am very excited about now that we have picked a theme!

This really should have been about three posts, so if you are still with me you must be a true friend.

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Sponge Shapes

Who says toys for toddlers have to be expensive? Who say learning toys for toddlers have to be expensive? Here is a super cheap, easy and fun idea to try at home.

Buy some colorful sponges at walmart or the dollar store. Cut them into different shapes. I used circle, square, heart, star, and triangle. And let your little ones play! You can talk about the different shapes as you play, or group them by color for a different learning activity. My girls love to toss them and see how the shapes bounce and roll differently. They will also enjoy watching what happens when water is added to a dry sponge.

separated by color

separated by shape

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Little Artists

This morning the girls got to draw with crayons for the very first time. They used the TaDoodles Crayon Buddies made by Crayola. While it was just a first attempt, they got the hang of it. I didn’t take any pictures of the actual event (silly me for just enjoying the moment…) but here is the artwork they each came up with.




Now if either of them ever become famous artists you can say you saw their very first piece of work!

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Up And Running

I shared a few days ago that I was opening up my own Etsy shop after I got a few requests for hats after I made these strawberry hats. I am happy to announce that it is up an running. AND I have already had a cousin customer buy two hats. Woo Hoo!


And if you are a mother of multiples, let me know if you are interested because I am offering a special discount to my fellow MoMs! (send me a message before you buy… I don’t want to publish the coupon code for everyone to use)

Here are two of my favorite hats up there right now:

Owl Hat

Pumpkin Hat

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