The Caridologist

First, let me give you the good news. Despite being woken up early from their nap, everyone was very well behaved at the doctor. Even Wyatt who thought sleeping for only 1/2 hour was a good idea. We went into the first room and they did the EKG. Quick and painless.

March 2014 204

Alyssa went first.

March 2014 205

Kylie and Wyatt watched.

March 2014 208

Kylie went next and managed an almost smile.

Then we went into another room and waited for the doctor. It was actually the same doctor who checked the girls out when I was pregnant, in the NICU and saw Kylie for her two month follow up. She had a PDA that wasn’t closed all the way at birth. Just another thing that wasn’t fully developed a month and a half early… go figure. Anyways, he didn’t remember us but I have liked him every time I have met him, and he was great with the girls.

March 2014 209

Alyssa was a little nervous in this room so Kylie went first.

March 2014 210

When it didn’t hurt Kylie, Alyssa was ready to go.

On  the other wall there actually was a kids movie playing, but I love that my kids were more interested in watching what the doctor was doing.

Now for the great news. Their hearts are perfectly fine. Just an innocent murmur that may come and go as they grow up. Nothing to give a second thought to again. Whew. That feels great.

And look what Alyssa asked how to write when we got home.


Needless to say I am feeling very thankful today.

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