The Bed

I told you we were going to try a little gardening this year, and since Las Vegas soil sucks, we decided to go with the “above ground planter box” route.  Russell built the box (thanks to some plans from Sunset magazine) out of redwood last week, and this week we finally selected a spot and filled it with some nice organic soil specifically for growing vegetables.

January 2014 058

Wyatt in the before picture

January 2014 061

The girls helped move the rocks

January 2014 064

It’s important to stay hydrated!

January 2014 072

Sorry for anyone dealing with those extreme winter temperatures. But this is when it is nice to live in Las Vegas! 65 and sunny in January!

January 2014 074

Who else thinks this should be an ad for Carhartts?

January 2014 077

filling the box with soil

January 2014 079

It was very exciting

January 2014 082

We took a minute to learn about compost and the cycle of our food. The parts we couldn’t eat become food and nutrients for our plants, which we will then get to eat.

January 2014 083

Mixing it all up! They had so much fun trying to pick out what foods they saw in the compost.

January 2014 086

The girls showing off the bed in the after picture.

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