The Waiting Is Never Easy

For most people, pets are like kids. In fact, your pets were probably treated like kids until you actually has kids. Then they start getting treated like pets, but even pets are part of the family and when something happens to them you feel the same kind of love and worry as you would for your children. I know because we experienced this yesterday. On Sunday night our 6 1/2 year old dachshund Rusty got hurt and was walking without using his right front leg. We don’t know for sure what exactly happened, so we gave him one night of rest to see if it was better in the morning. It wasn’t, so I got myself up and out of the house to be at the vet as early as possible. I really wanted to avoid having to take 3 small children and one hurt pup to the vet all by myself. Call me crazy. I spoke with the vet and she said they would do an x-ray to be sure but that with the way dachshunds legs are designed (crooked knees) it was most likely a sprain of his ligaments and it would get better on his own. I had to leave him at the vet to get the x-rays since Russell needed to start getting ready for work no later than 8am. So I came home and finished breakfast with the kids and got them all dressed for said dreaded trip to the vet with all of them. We got to see his x-rays but this time the doctor was not as optimistic and said that a part of his bone might actually have separated and poked through the ligament and that the only solution to that would be a surgery where they would put plates in his leg and while he would be able to walk on it without pain, he would lose the ability to bend his leg for the rest of his life. That was not the answer I was hoping for or expecting to get. They were sending his x-rays to a specialist to diagnose and we would hear back sometime later in the day. And this is where the waiting and worrying comes in. And then the moment the phone rang from the veterinarian’s office came and I was so nervous that I didn’t even want to pick up. Thankfully the specialist said that there was no reason to think he had anything more than a soft tissue sprain and that with some anti-inflammatories, lots of rest and some pain medication he would be back to running, jumping, and stomping around in a couple of weeks. Keeping him off it is a little easier said than done since he wanted to follow the kids around often to make sure they are not dropping food anywhere, but I think he is at least on the road to recovery.1815

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  1. Poor Rusty!!! But I am SO glad he will be okay!

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