Blood Donation, TV and Dating

Yesterday when I was waiting to donate blood I flipped the pages of a magazine and occasionally glanced over at the TV. We do own a television at home and use it to watch movies and shows on DVD, but we have not had even basic cable in about three years. This certainly limits the amount of time I spend watching commercials. And as an outsider, let me tell you… something weird has happened. Once it was just and eHarmony. Now there are things like and other dating sites to help further narrow it down to people of your own religion. And yesterday I was introduced to a whole new breed of online matchmaking. –A website dedicated only to “farmers, ranchers and country dwellers.”

I remember back when Saturday Night Live was really funny. (You know, when the monologue was actually a MONO-logue) Well, they used to do commercial spoofs like this one. That’s what I felt like I was watching yesterday. Seriosuly, what does SNL have left too spoof when the real world comes up with things like “You don’t have to be lonely with Farmers Only”?

So of course I had to come home and check it out. Their trademarked slogan is “City folks just don’t get it!” And their site claims the rest of the country “revolves around four dollar cups of coffee, taxi cabs, blue suits, and getting ahead at all costs in the corporate world” (So maybe FarmersOnly is for me since I am clearly not in that group!) The part I find really confusing is: if you are a farmer/rancher you probably live in a rural sort of area. You probably know the other farmers/ranchers around you. If you have not already met someone who interests you, there just might not be anyone nearby for you. Secondly, say you go sign up and meet your soul-mate. Yay! Except, you live in Texas and they live in Iowa. Now one of you needs to give up your ranch that you love so much and move.

Have I just been out of the loop too long, or is this getting a little out of hand?

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