In Honor of Ozzie

Many of us are lucky and aside from colds and stomach bugs and an occasional case of the chicken pox our kids are mostly healthy. We complain to our friends about how our kids are waking up too early, not eating well enough, or about how freaking long it takes to load and unload everyone into car seats for a simple errand.  Most of our kid’s owies can be healed with just a kiss.

The biggest problem most kids have is having to clean up their toys or being upset about having to leave the park before they are ready.

Not Ozzie.

oz 4

Oscar, or Oz, is a two year old little Superman who is having to fight against cancer. “Cancer” and “two year old” are words that should just never be in the same sentence if you ask me.

His family learned about his cancer shortly before Thanksgiving and have since had to endure an operation, chemo and radiation. And they aren’t done yet.

oz 5

He’s only two. Did I mention that?

His story is one that I’ve been thinking about often. It is a reminder that even though most of us have healthy kids, there is someone out there having a conversation with a doctor about what their baby’s chance of surviving is.

Ozzie’s is 85%.

oz 2

Ozzie has a Dad and a Mom and a Big Sister who all love him very much, and are behind him all the way. And look at this kid! Does he look like he is going to take cancer lying down? I’m betting cancer is going to be scared of him before this is over. He is even flirting with his nurses 🙂

oz 1

oz 3

This isn’t meant to be a make-you-feel-guilty-if-your-kids-are-healthy-kind of post, but it is a real world out there and this little man isn’t the only kid having to deal with some real tough stuff. I decided to make another quilt for Quilts for Kids in honor of Ozzie.


I didn’t get to pick the fabric (I would have picked Superman for him, and let’s face it- what kid couldn’t use that kind of encouragement!) and it won’t actually go to him, but some little boy out there is going to feel some comfort because of him.  If you have the time, consider making a quilt. The family is staying at Brent’s Place during Ozzie’s treatments and have great things to say about it, so you could also consider donating to them if you feel so led. If you are the praying type please lift up this family. (Dan, Robin, Gracie and Oscar.) I am sure it is a difficult time for all of them and any prayers, support, or well wishes would be greatly appreciated. I’ll post again to let you know once Ozzie has kicked cancer’s butt.

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  1. Nina, I love that quilt! I’m glad you did this. I think about these guys all the time. I’m glad they’ve got so many people out there thinking about them and praying for them!

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