Nine Months

Wyatt is nine months today! It seems like he has grown up so much this past month. He now has four (going on six) teeth and is officially crawling. He mostly army crawls (belly on the ground) but he is also up on hands and knees sometimes- mostly in the kitchen, which I think is funny because the floor is much more slippery than on the carpet. He is also experimenting with hands and feet, just to make sure he finds the most efficient way to get around. He is an absolute joy and one of the happiest babies ever. He is incredibly ticklish too. His feet, his sides, his armpits, his thighs, his neck, and his back are all places he is ticklish!

Wyatt nine months 001

nine month man

Wyatt nine months 017

Wyatt nine months 008

sisters wanted to join in on the photo shoot fun

Wyatt nine months 006

crawling away for something more exciting.

Wyatt nine months 010

Could this kid be any happier?

Wyatt nine months 021

Happy nine months to my Little Man! I love you so much 🙂

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