We Forgot The Girls At The Store

I know it has been too long since I have posted anything. Sometimes life gets busy and I forget for a few days. Then, too much time passes and I feel like I have to post something really entertaining to make it up to the dozens of people who read my blog. Because the pressure is so high I don’t post anything. For like a month. Or two.

I hope I got you interested with the title today. I did, didn’t I?

While we did not actually forget the girls (or anyone for that matter) at the store, the title isn’t totally unrelated. For the past week or so, anytime we go anywhere, Alyssa and Kylie like to pretend we left them there and that we accidentally brought frogs home instead. Then they are frogs for the rest of the night. They’ll tell us “Mommy, ask Froggie to open her mouth really wide” while brushing teeth, or “Give Lissie Froggie a hug” after bedtime stories. Sometimes they like to look for themselves in the garage, and will often pretend to bring in miniature versions of themselves. Multiple miniature versions that they throw on the floor and then presumably vacuum over with the popper. I do not understand all the intricacies of the game, but it is so fun to see their little imaginations at work.

Next up for them to discover: the floor is made of lava!

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