Indoor Bowling

A couple of days ago I set up a little indoor bowling game for the girls to play. Good work for motor skills and hand eye coordination, and they loved it! I have been saving some 2 liter bottles for a while now (we drink very little soda, so it has taken a few months) but I finally got 5 together. We have a nice little linoleum patch by our front door which made for a perfect place to set up the “pins”. I used some blue painters tape on the floor to show them where to throw from and let them go.

They are twins, so we already have taking turns down pretty well… as long as everyone has gotten enough sleep 🙂

They had somewhat of a hard time with the balls, so I also brought out bean bags that I had made last year. They are smaller and don’t bounce around, so accuracy was more important, but heavier and easier to get some force behind. It didn’t really matter because the girls enjoyed both and didn’t get frustrated when they missed. And they loved setting the bottles back up when they did knock them over.

It became a little more baseball and a little less bowling than what I imagined, but it was all o.k. My little Bear (Kylie) was quite the thrower. She was pretty accurate and even threw the balls one handed. She might have a future as a pitcher or something!

I love her face in this one!

All in all it was a super cheap, very easy game that they really enjoyed. I will be pulling these bottles out again and again. As they get better at knocking them down I plan on adding water to the bottles to make them harder to knock over.

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  1. Awesome idea! I love it!

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