For The Love Of “Underwears”

You may remember I posted part one of a potty training serious way back when. Well you might be wondering what has been happening around here since then, and the answer is not much. After a few days of wanting to sit on the potty (with only long periods of time waiting and luck on our side) the girls lost interest. I am a big believer that it isn’t going to work until they are ready, so we didn’t push the issue. We still talk about it with them, but they haven’t wanted to try again. Yesterday however they decided they wanted to wear underwear (or “underwears” as they call it) instead of diapers. So I let them for a little bit. I told them we weren’t going to go pee pee in our underwear and they needed to tell me if they had to go. Alyssa has told us one time while we were at a park with no potty around, so I thought maybe they could try it. Well, they wore their training underwear for a little more than an hour and stayed dry. They did however refuse to try sitting on the potty and I was buried in laundry and couldn’t watch them as closely as I would like for potty training, so the diapers went back on. BUT I still think it is a win that they were able to stay dry for so long. We have family visiting this weekend and things will be kinda hectic, but after they are gone and life will be “normal” for a little while I think we are going to just go for it and switch to underwear and see how it goes. They are very excited to wear their colored underwears with stripes and hearts on it that we have for them. And there is just something so cute about little butts without diapers on.

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