Over 30 years ago my mom started a tradition of taking a picture of my brother of I at our birth times. Mine was on 8/22 at 11:52 am. Whatever we were doing, she took a picture. I guess it worked out that neither of us was born in the middle of the night or anything. This is a tradition I have kept up not only with myself in my adult years, but also with my kids. Once again, no one was a night time birth 🙂 Although my brother and I were both born in the summer, and my kids’ birthdays will all be during the school year (so far), so I won’t have quite as good of a collection as my mom does.

I asked my mom to send me a couple of the old pictures of me that she took so I could share them with you. As I looked at them I did realize I spend a little more time trying to get a “good” picture, and she just took us doing whatever. Didn’t matter if we were even looking at the camera. Anyways here I am!

First Birthday! Grocery shopping.


Second Birthday! McDonalds?

Seventh Birthday! Frosting cupcakes.

Ninth Birthday! At a yard sale.

21st Birthday! My apartment in Waco. Like my phone?

25th Birthday! In Vegas (I am on the phone in the last two because my mom calls me at that time on my birthday now.)

29th Birthday! With my munchkins.

I had to include this one also because the girls are being crazy (normal) and Wyatt looks like he is trying to make sure he is in the picture!

I hope you enjoyed, and maybe consider this tradition for you own kids. As it is with most things, it annoyed me at the time, but I enjoy it now as an adult. Thanks for everything Mom!

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  1. I love Wyatt’s face in the last picture!
    Also, happy belated birthday. 🙂

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