New Toy

Is there such a thing as age specific toys to kids?

I was able to sell our girls’ (very girly tea party) exersaucer on craigslist for the exact price we paid for it two years ago, AND buy Wyatt a new (more boy appropriate farm animals) one for 5 dollars less! YAY! Side note, what did people do before craigslist? Anyways only minutes after bringing it in the door, with Wyatt still asleep in his car seat, the girls descended on the new toy in the house.

Poor Wyatt. Will anything ever be “just his”?

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The Boyfriend Pillow

I don’t even know how to introduce you to today’s find, so I’ll just drive right in.

The boyfriend pillow.

This is about the saddest thing I have ever seen. It is a pillow, shaped like a man’s torso for women to curl up with and pretend that a man is holding them. I’m guessing if your life is so bad that you need one of these pillows, the fact that you curl up with it is only gonna make things worse.

Even though the company that makes is not a gag company (also listed are other types of support pillows, step-stools, back support cushions and acupressure therapy mats) I think this can only be a joke, and reading some of the reviews does not help me convince me otherwise. Are there really people out there like this??

“With the boyfriend arm pillow (I named mine Captain Jack, in honor of Johnny Depp’s sexiest role), I barely have to concentrate. I spritz a little bit of axe body spray on the “torso” and wrap that arm around me for a long, blissful night of rest…”

“Why the Boyfriend Pillow is wearing a button-down dress shirt to bed is beyond me, but I can’t complain. With a little imagination, and a splash of perfume, we lonely men can close our eyes and pretend that the pillow is actually a woman wearing one of our favorite dress shirts.”

“Feel sad and need a good cry? Well, the “Boyfriend Pillow” never complains if you get mascara on his collar. Just take the shirt off and wash it. As simple as that.”

“True–35 dollars might be a little pricey for a pillow. But this is more than a pillow; it is therapy. Is 35 dollars too expensive for therapy? Of course not.”

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3 Months

How does time go by so fast? Little Man is already 3 months old, he is sleeping through the night consistently, and is rapidly growing. We are really lucky as he is mostly a really happy baby. Except when he is hungry, and who can blame him? I mean come on, the kid has like NO fat reserves, right? 🙂

Big sister Kylie holding Wyatt

Big sister Alyssa holding Wyatt


3 month photo shoot

Happy 3 months Wyatt! We love you 🙂

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