Who Is Who?

Here is a little cheat sheet for everyone to help keep track of who is who around here. I should also mention that the girls talk about themselves in the third person. I think it might be because they are twins and it is their way of identifying who they are talking about, but it also could be because that darn Elmo does it too. Who knows?!

Russell: Daddy

Me (Anina): Mommy

Alyssa: Lissie, Lissa or Sissy (sister)

Kylie: Ky-ya, Ky-dy or Sissy (sister)

Wyatt: Baby Wyatt or just Wyatt

Tank: Tanky. Also poor Tank has gotten the nickname “Poopy Cat” for reasons unknown

Leila: Monster (we gave her this nickname years ago and it has stuck for the girls. Leila is also pronounced Ye-Ya.

Rusty: Doggie or sometimes Rusty

Russell’s parents: Grandma and Grandpa. Commonly becomes one word “GrandmaGrandpa”

My dad and step-mom: Opa and Jo-Jo (also sometimes Grandma Jo)

My mom and step-dad: Grammy and Grampy. Mostly Gammy and Gampy actually.

AND since they are identical twins and people always want to know how we tell them apart, I thought I would see if anyone was brave enough to guess who is pictured here:

And this one?

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  1. Oh, shot in the dark because I like guessing games. Kylie, then Alyssa.

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