Today we are sending off a cooler containing 600 ounces of breast milk. (I have about 1000 ounces saved for Wyatt already) It is going to Mother’s Milk Bank in San Jose, Ca. There it will be pasteurized and tested for diseases before it can be used. Then it will mostly go to hospitals where babies in the NICU will receive this life saving food. I am so thrilled to be able to be a part of this process and hope that my milk will make a difference for some sick little babies out there.

I have been fortunate enough that sharing our milk is possible. Wyatt obviously is getting enough himself (just look at his thighs!) and I am able to pump more than he will ever use in just two pumpings a day. I took a picture of this morning’s take in case you have a hard time picturing how much 27 ounces is. That is 27 ounces, in one pumping, after I fed the little man his breakfast.

We did end up buying a deep freezer, which  is almost entirely filled with milk.  It is a 7.2 cu. ft. freezer. The whole left side (the brown bags) is all milk. Only the small shelf on the right has a couple other freezer items.

Here are some examples of the babies who will receive this milk:

  • babies who are failing to thrive on formula
  • babies and toddlers with life-threatening diseases or conditions
  • children with failing immune systems or catastrophic diseases
  • multiple birth babies, often with lactating mothers who can’t keep up with the milk required to nourish two or three infants
  • adopted infants, whose moms believe in the value of breast milk but can’t produce their own
  • babies of mothers whose breast milk isn’t suitable for consumption, either because of disease or prescription medications that pass through the milk

If you are also interested in sharing your breast milk with other babies, check out this link to find a non-profit milk bank near you.

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