Mini Mamas

Most of you know how obsessed the girls have been with being little mamas since even before Wyatt was born, and since his arrival they have gotten to see a whole new range of “mommy” tasks. Most importantly, breastfeeding. So when they took turns nursing their babies I wasn’t surprised at all, but was excited to take pictures of course!



Let’s face it, there are a lot worse things they could imitate me doing!

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Life gets kinda crazy around our house, especially at certain times of the day. One of those times is right before the girls’ bedtime when Russell is getting home from work. If Wyatt happens to need to be changed or eat around the same time it is even worse. Last night was no exception.

Except… it was.

On this particular night I was waiting for Russell to be home any minute, and I was in the nursery about to change Wyatt. The girls had had a little Easter candy after dinner and were running around burning some of it off. Suddenly I heard a loud alarm going off. Our smoke detectors are SUPER sensitive so at first I assumed that is what it was. Then I remembered I wasn’t cooking anything and that our smoke detectors were actually unplugged from when I made a pizza. (Remember, I said they were really sensitive!) Next I assumed it was our security system going off and that the girls had simply opened a door to set it off. But no doors were open and the alarm had not been set. But I entered the code anyways, and the alarm stopped.


Then I remembered that we have a remote that has a panic button on it. It is usually kept in my nightstand but Russell had pulled it out a while ago and hung it on the side of the nightstand. So… maybe the girls had gone into our room and played with it. No. They were both in the living room with no signs of the remote. So I went into our room and this is what I found.

Our dog Rusty chewing on the remote. Slobber and teeth marks on the panic button. WHY?! It is not even food. Funny story, right? So I thought about calling Russell to tell him what happened, but if you remember I was expecting him home any minute. What I didn’t expect is that ADT called him and told him I had activated the alarm using a special code to say there was someone in the house with me, and so even though he could see us in the window when he pulled up he didn’t believe we were really alright and came up to the door with his gun drawn.

So ya, just a little added excitement to our usual bedtime routine.

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Easter Treats

I am sorry I wasn’t able to post this before Easter, but I didn’t discover it until the night before, and made it Easter evening. But these bird’s nests were so simple and delicious I just had to share it. (I think they’d be cute for a baby shower too!)


10-12 oz. crispy chow mein noodles

1 bag butterscotch chips

1 bag mini Cadbury eggs

Simply melt the butterscotch chips (I used a double boiler, but microwave will also work) and stir in noodles. Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup and scoop mixture onto parchment-paper-lined cookie sheet and dip in center. Add eggs. Cool in refrigerator before serving. That’s it. Enjoy!

melting chips

bird's nest

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Happy Easter

I hope everyone is enjoying (or did enjoy) their Easter celebrations with their families. We had a relaxing, but very fun day. Here are some pictures I wanted to share.

Happy Little Baby Bunny!

Alyssa, Wyatt and Kylie

Look what the Easter Bunny brought us this year!


For comparison here is what we got two years ago…


Let me also mention, Wyatt is almost a full month younger than the girls in these pictures.


Then it was time to find what the Easter Bunny brought the girls! (one of my new favorites)

Alyssa and Kylie

Finally, we had to take pictures with our bunnies again this year. They were a gift from my mom’s next door neighbor to the girls two years ago. And you know I love the growth pictures… 🙂

Alyssa, Kylie 2012

Alyssa, Kylie 2011

Kylie, Alyssa 2010

Happy Easter!

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Sisterly Love

I don’t have much to say for today’s post, but I wanted to share this picture from a few days ago. Wyatt was in one of those floor play mats and Kylie laid down next to him and, very gently, just held his hand. It was so precious and is not surprising at all since both girls have such an obvious love for their brother. I couldn’t be more proud of how they have adjusted to their new roles as big sisters.

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Wipe-d Out

The girls are into all things baby right now. They love to give their dolls and stuffed animals baths, pacifiers, suck out their nose boogies and change diapers. Very early this morning I was up feeding Wyatt and the girls had just gotten up as well. Russell was sitting next to me on the couch and we commented on how good the girls were being playing in their room by themselves. When the feeding was over I went to their room to tell them I would be going back to bed for a little while before Russell needed to start getting ready for work. They were being so cute changing their baby dolls diapers and putting them to bed. Except for the fact that in doing so they emptied about 1/2 a package of wipes onto their floor. All neatly balled up after being used and discarded. I gasped when I saw their work on the floor, and they both looked up at me with this “what did we do wrong? we were just taking care of our babies” faces and I couldn’t even be mad at them. I am not sure how long they played like that for Russell, but after breakfast they went right back and continued to play with those wipes for almost 2 more hours. Frankly, for that kind of peace and quiet they can use all the wipes they want!

This was later in the morning, after the wipes had gotten moved out of a nice neat pile, but you get the idea 🙂

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Adventures In Potty Training- Part 1

The girls have only recently started to show any interest in potty training, and since they are just two and their lives got turned upside down with a new baby I haven’t wanted to push the issue. But I did pull out their big girl frog potties that my grandmother got for them months ago. I figured if they were out the girls might get more excited about it. Right away they wanted to sit on them, and since they needed diaper changes and to get dressed anyways, I stripped them down and let them go for it. Both girls were excited to sit for a moment, but then they started to freak out. They cried and told me the potty was scary. Not wanting to traumatize them, I told them that it was totally o.k. and that they could get up. They wanted new diapers and they got dressed. A little later they wanted to try again, this time with their clothes on. Fine. Great. They sat down and I told them how proud I was and took lots of pictures of them being big girls. (Hey small victories, right?!) That evening we showed the pictures to Daddy and he told them how proud he was too. Then they told him the “potty not scary” which I am going to call a win!



Rusty even came in to show his support!

Stay tuned, for more of our adventures in potty training!

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When He’s Out

He is OUT.

Recently Wyatt was sleeping in one of those vibrating chairs in the kitchen while I cleaned and the girls ate dinner. It had been a short nap day for the girls and at the end of dinner they just lost it. Crying, screaming, and inconsolable just feet away from him. He kept right on sleeping. Then while I was cleaning their trays up I accidentally broke a plate. He didn’t flinch. Hopefully this is something he will be able to do for a long time to come because in this house quiet moments are few and far between.

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One Month Stats

I took Wyatt to the doctor for his one month check up this morning. He did awesome! Here are his stats:

Weight: 11 pounds, 75-90th percentile

Height: 21 3/4 inch, 50-75th percentile

Head Circumference:  36cm, 10-25th percentile

What a big boy! He grew almost 3 1/2 pounds in one month. The doctor said if he gained that much by his TWO month check up he would be saying “good job”

And as promised, here is a picture from his first monthly photo shoot!

And of course, for comparison, here are the girls at one month.



Way to grow, little man!

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