You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Life gets kinda crazy around our house, especially at certain times of the day. One of those times is right before the girls’ bedtime when Russell is getting home from work. If Wyatt happens to need to be changed or eat around the same time it is even worse. Last night was no exception.

Except… it was.

On this particular night I was waiting for Russell to be home any minute, and I was in the nursery about to change Wyatt. The girls had had a little Easter candy after dinner and were running around burning some of it off. Suddenly I heard a loud alarm going off. Our smoke detectors are SUPER sensitive so at first I assumed that is what it was. Then I remembered I wasn’t cooking anything and that our smoke detectors were actually unplugged from when I made a pizza. (Remember, I said they were really sensitive!) Next I assumed it was our security system going off and that the girls had simply opened a door to set it off. But no doors were open and the alarm had not been set. But I entered the code anyways, and the alarm stopped.


Then I remembered that we have a remote that has a panic button on it. It is usually kept in my nightstand but Russell had pulled it out a while ago and hung it on the side of the nightstand. So… maybe the girls had gone into our room and played with it. No. They were both in the living room with no signs of the remote. So I went into our room and this is what I found.

Our dog Rusty chewing on the remote. Slobber and teeth marks on the panic button. WHY?! It is not even food. Funny story, right? So I thought about calling Russell to tell him what happened, but if you remember I was expecting him home any minute. What I didn’t expect is that ADT called him and told him I had activated the alarm using a special code to say there was someone in the house with me, and so even though he could see us in the window when he pulled up he didn’t believe we were really alright and came up to the door with his gun drawn.

So ya, just a little added excitement to our usual bedtime routine.

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  1. Wow! That does sound like a lot of excitement. I’m glad it was just the dog, though! 🙂

  2. You are right. You can not make that stuff up. But with twins, a dog, and a protective husband… you have the perfect recipe. Sounds like my life! : ) Glad all is ok.

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