Wipe-d Out

The girls are into all things baby right now. They love to give their dolls and stuffed animals baths, pacifiers, suck out their nose boogies and change diapers. Very early this morning I was up feeding Wyatt and the girls had just gotten up as well. Russell was sitting next to me on the couch and we commented on how good the girls were being playing in their room by themselves. When the feeding was over I went to their room to tell them I would be going back to bed for a little while before Russell needed to start getting ready for work. They were being so cute changing their baby dolls diapers and putting them to bed. Except for the fact that in doing so they emptied about 1/2 a package of wipes onto their floor. All neatly balled up after being used and discarded. I gasped when I saw their work on the floor, and they both looked up at me with this “what did we do wrong? we were just taking care of our babies” faces and I couldn’t even be mad at them. I am not sure how long they played like that for Russell, but after breakfast they went right back and continued to play with those wipes for almost 2 more hours. Frankly, for that kind of peace and quiet they can use all the wipes they want!

This was later in the morning, after the wipes had gotten moved out of a nice neat pile, but you get the idea 🙂

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