Adventures In Potty Training- Part 1

The girls have only recently started to show any interest in potty training, and since they are just two and their lives got turned upside down with a new baby I haven’t wanted to push the issue. But I did pull out their big girl frog potties that my grandmother got for them months ago. I figured if they were out the girls might get more excited about it. Right away they wanted to sit on them, and since they needed diaper changes and to get dressed anyways, I stripped them down and let them go for it. Both girls were excited to sit for a moment, but then they started to freak out. They cried and told me the potty was scary. Not wanting to traumatize them, I told them that it was totally o.k. and that they could get up. They wanted new diapers and they got dressed. A little later they wanted to try again, this time with their clothes on. Fine. Great. They sat down and I told them how proud I was and took lots of pictures of them being big girls. (Hey small victories, right?!) That evening we showed the pictures to Daddy and he told them how proud he was too. Then they told him the “potty not scary” which I am going to call a win!



Rusty even came in to show his support!

Stay tuned, for more of our adventures in potty training!

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  1. good luck! I’m sure it will be nice when you can go from 3 diaper changes down to 1!! I can’t even imagine how much laundry you are having to do

  2. […] may remember I posted part one of a potty training serious way back when. Well you might be wondering what has been happening around here since then, and the answer is not […]

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