2 Year Stats

The girls also saw their doctor this morning and have a new batch of stats to share.


Height: 35 1/4 inch. (75-90th percentile)

Weight: 28 lbs 9 oz (75th percentile)

Head Circumference: 49 cm (75-90th percentile)


Height: 35 inch. (75th percentile)

Weight: 29 lbs 8 oz (75-90th percentile)

Head Circumference: 49 cm (75-90th percentile)

The doctor was very impressed with their language speaking ability and said they are developing great, but did ask a couple of questions that made us laugh.

1) do they like fruits and vegetables?

2) do they like books?

and 3) have they started climbing on stuff?

Silly doctor…

The other thing he told us was that if you double their height at two it is supposed to predict how tall they will be. The girls are both roughly 35 inches. Doubled, that is 70 inches, or 5 feet 10 inches. Which is not much of a surprise since that is exactly how tall I am, and I happen to be on the shorter end when it comes to my family. Russell was not as excited to hear about that. Not only will he be shorter than all of us then, but he is thinking about his tall, beautiful, twins and all the boys they will attract. Sorry, babe. Maybe Sprout will be a big boy and he can help you protect them?

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It’s A Date

I saw my doctor again this morning for a routine appointment and everything looks great. I am not dilated at all, and he said the baby is “miles up there”, which is just music to my ears. I couldn’t be more thrilled to hear that little Sprout is in no hurry to come out and is going to stay and cook a little longer. Not to mention things will be so much smoother if we make it to the scheduled c-section since we will have family here to help then. If Sprout decides to come early we will be in a bit of a pickle since on the 25th my brother is getting married in Malibu. And yes, that does mean we will be missing his wedding, which is a major disappointment. But sometimes life happens and things just don’t work out the way you wish they would. My brother is marrying an amazing woman who I am overjoyed to take as my sister as well. I wish them all the best on their special day and for the rest of their lives. Anyways…. at my appointment today we also set a date and time to meet our newest munchkin! It is official. March 1st, 3:30pm. You may remember reading before about our date choice, and I am sad to say the 29th was not an option for us. The hospital won’t allow us the schedule until the first day of the last week before I am due, which is March 1st. So now it is up to Sprout if he/she wants to be a leap day baby. But for now, all is well in babyland and we are getting excited to meet our little one.

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Yesterday Kylie and Alyssa turned two. For the first year of their life I did a photo shoot every month on the 9th, each girl with their own stuffed animal- for size reference. Alyssa was with a little lamb, and Kylie was with a giraffe. During the second year of their life we did it every 3 months. 1) they don’t grow and change as much and as quickly as they do they first year, and 2) photo shoots were not as easy the more mobile and opinionated they got. 🙂

Anyways, yesterday Kylie posed for a few pictures, but quickly decided she wanted to pose with the lamb instead of the giraffe.

She was pissed. But the photos wouldn’t make sense with her with the wrong animal. (She finally came around after I took a couple photos of her with the lamb and was willing to make up with mr. giraffe) But I told her that the giraffe was sad because she didn’t want to be in a picture with him, and with her huge heart Alyssa ran over, picked up the giraffe and went back to the door.

It really broke her heart to think that the giraffe was feeling left out. I love the look on her face in this picture. As if she is trying to tell him “it’s o.k. I’m here with you!” What a sweet little girl!

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Two Years Old

I can not believe my little munchkins are already two years old! AND about to become big sisters. Time really goes by in the blink of an eye. I did another photo shoot of them today with their stuffed animals. I continue to be blown away by how much they have grown. I think you might be too.

Alyssa birth day

Alyssa one month

Alyssa one year

Alyssa two years


Kylie birth day

Kylie one month

Kylie one year

Kylie two years

Happy Birthday my little angels! I love you and am so proud of you. Look how far you have come!

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Another Year

I can’t believe another year has gone by, and that my twins are turning two tomorrow. When did that happen? And, not only is tomorrow their birthday, but I will also be 36 weeks into this pregnancy- which has been my goal all along! It may seem silly, especially since most pregnant ladies out there complain a lot in the final weeks. But to me, each week is a huge milestone and a major accomplishment. I know just how vital each day of development is to this little baby, and I am thrilled we have made it this far!

Today is a very busy day getting ready for Alyssa and Kylie’s birthday tomorrow, even though we are keeping things very low key. We already made a trip to Lowe’s for some quick dry cement to make stepping stones with their footprints (following a tradition from last year), a trip to the grocery store for cupcake mix (chocolate this year!) and a bath. Girls are in their high chairs now having a quick lunch before their nap, and then it is off to have two year pictures taken. So I don’t have a lot of time to reflect on my thoughts about them turning two, but I will point you to my post last year where I talk about how I felt the day before they were born. So check that out by clicking here.

And as a special treat, here is exactly what I wrote two years ago today. I copied it from my online pregnancy journal ( the precursor to this blog).

Well, today was my last day being pregnant with the twins. I found out this morning that I am going to have a c-section tomorrow morning to deliver them. I guess the pre-eclampsia has finally caught up with us, and my doctors didn’t want to push their luck trying to keep me pregnant a little longer. So on Feb. 9, 2010 at 34 weeks, 4 days our babies will be born. I cried the whole way home from the doctors appointment. I am SO not ready to not be pregnant, and I worry about how the babies will do being born this early. I am also totally freaked out about having a c-section. I was really hoping to deliver vaginally, but they said this is really my only option, so here we go. Tomorrow morning we go to the hospital at 5:30am, and are scheduled for the surgery at 7:30. I am sure I won’t be getting much sleep tonight as I am feeling very anxious. I am starting to feel a little more excitement about meeting our babies finally though. I wonder if they are boys or girls, I wonder if they look more like Russell than me (I’m guessing Russell), I wonder if their hair will be dark or light. I look forward to holding them. I just want them to be o.k. For our last night before kids Russell and I made a bunch of phone calls to family letting them know the plan, and watching Arrested Development. Silly maybe, but a typical night for us. So, goodbye pregnancy… thanks for everything!


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We Need A Name

Not for the baby. Those have already been chosen. (Wyatt or Amelia in case you forgot) We need a name for our new car. You might have read yesterday that we sold our Nissan Pathfinder. Well, last week we also bought a new-to-us ’99 Saturn. We needed something with less miles and a working AC mostly to get Russell to and from work, so our Subaru could be available to me and the kids. Remember when we discovered that all three car seats could fit safely in the back? Ya, that was a good day.

Russell and I have a tradition of naming our cars. It started when I was a kid, and has carried through. My first car, a white ’89 Plymouth Voyager was called “Vanna White”.

(Most of these pictures and just things I found out in internet land since we don’t have many photos of our old cars, but they are meant to give you an idea of what each was like, and probably a laugh or two)

When that died my great uncle gave me his silver ’93 Ford Tempo. This car was named “The Phantom” because of a misunderstanding made by my friend Phil. When I told him my car was called “Vanna White” he thought I said “The Phantom” and I told him I would name my next car “The Phantom” for him.

We sold that car just days before we left Texas to get married and move to Colorado. My grandmother was giving me her white ’91 Dodge Dynasty, which ran better and had much less miles on it. (See a pattern from where I got my cars? At least I have an excuse of why they were all old people cars) We named this car “White Power Bill” after a prison character from our favorite show, Arrested Development. It was the only V6 we have owned, so it was a more powerful car than we were used to. Also, it had a hole in the exhaust pipe for a while, which made it very loud.

A few years back we had enough money and were tired of the constant repairs and unpredictability of our older cars and so finally, we were able to buy our first NEW car. A green ’09 Subaru Outback. We named this one “Johnny Bark”, also a one time appearing character from Arrested Development.

And finally, the blue ’89 Nissan Pathfinder which we sold just days ago, who we called “Blue Steel”. Russell bought this car back in 2002 before we even moved to Texas. It was with us for longer than any other car we owned.

And so, now that we have a new member of our automotive family, we obviously need a name. So please, give us your suggestions. I was thinking maybe something outer-spacey since it is a Saturn, and Russell was thinking something gold-related because of its color. But any ideas are welcomed!

We are offering a Starbucks gift card to anyone who suggests the name we choose, so feel free to make lots of suggestions! Obviously we have a thing for TV shows or movie references, so for inspiration here are some of our favorite movies and shows.

LOST, Arrested Development, COPS, The Office, Blades of Glory, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

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Goodbye, Old Friend

Last night we sold our Pathfinder.

It is a huge blessing to us, even more so because we got so close to our asking price. The car (which Russell bought almost a decade ago) had many, many miles on it, no AC and only two doors. It was not a reasonable car for either of us to be driving, so it sat. Unregistered, uninsured, and not driven for over a year. It was time to part ways.

On the other hand, it was hard to let go. Both Russell and I had a deep love for that car. He got it just months after we started dating, and it has taken us from California to Texas to Colorado to Nevada, and on countless adventures in between. I remember in our early months/years of dating looking into the backseat and imagining our future children sitting back there someday. It was a good car will be missed.

New Mexico BLM trip, 2008

Colorado 4WD adventure

Baby me being silly in the pathfinder (and my brother-in-law in the background)

Baby Russell telling me how he really feels

Fulfilling my dream of seeing our kids in the backseat.

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