Happy Home-iversary Alyssa!

Since the girls share a birthday, we wanted to give them each a special day of their own to celebrate them as individuals. We chose to use their “come home day” from the hospital, since they didn’t get to come home together. It is a nice way to celebrate something that was not so fun at the time. (having to leave them in the hospital) So today is Alyssa’s 2 year home-iversary.

I have been thinking a lot about the day Alyssa came home recently. We got a new computer and have a picture slideshow as our screensaver. The slideshow always starts with pictures of us bringing Alyssa home. Why it chooses to start there I have no idea. Anyways, I’ve been looking at how tiny she was and how happy we were to bring home our first baby ever. I’ve heard a lot of parents talk about being very nervous to bring home their baby, even being surprised the hospital let them leave with this tiny little fragile life. We did NOT feel that way. We were so excited to finally have just one of our daughters home with us where she belonged. Seeing these pictures has also gotten both Russell and I excited about Sprout being born and coming home as well.

Last year we celebrated Alyssa’s home-iversary with a trip to the Oakland Zoo. This year however, with me being about to pop, and Russell having to work we weren’t able to do anything quite as exciting. Although I am trying to make the most of the LAST day that it is just me and the girls home alone. Just the three of us. After today things will never be the same! But I still wanted to do a post and take a little walk down memory lane. I hope you enjoy!

Just got home! So tiny in that little car seat!

You mean I live HERE?

About to be swaddled.

Alyssa at one year… when we lived in Santa Rosa.

Mommy and Lissie at two years. (Does she look like she is pretending to shoot herself in the head?!)

Alyssa- I love you more and more everyday. You continue to amaze me in the things you say and do. I know you’ll be able to accomplish any dreams you have. I can’t imagine my life with you and look forward to seeing you in your new role as a big sister. I love you always and am so proud of you. Thank you for everything you add to my life. You make it wonderful!

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  1. We celebrate the twins homecoming day too. Enjoy your last day being a mom of two!

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