37 Weeks

Woo Hoo! Another goal has been hit. I am now considered “full term”. It is something I am aware other people are noticing about me as well. The girl who did my haircut the other night was very alert anytime I took a deep breath, and pleaded with me to not go into labor while in her chair. I also see the hesitation on people’s faces before they board an elevator with me. I know they are just imagining being trapped there and having to deliver my baby themselves. But I am feeling great! I could go on and on about how excited I am that Sprout will not be born premature, but that could get old week after week, so I will just share a new picture with you.

According to babycenter.com Sprout is probably about 6 1/3 pounds, and about 19 inches long. It will be so exciting to see if this baby looks anything like the girls did, or if he/she has totally different characteristics. Only a little bit left before we find out 🙂

And while we are on questions…  here is another. How pregnant is too pregnant to wash my hair bent over the tub?

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  1. amazing! You look incredible… I’m at 16 weeks right now, hoping and praying that I make it to where you are.

    best of luck!!

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