It’s A Date

I saw my doctor again this morning for a routine appointment and everything looks great. I am not dilated at all, and he said the baby is “miles up there”, which is just music to my ears. I couldn’t be more thrilled to hear that little Sprout is in no hurry to come out and is going to stay and cook a little longer. Not to mention things will be so much smoother if we make it to the scheduled c-section since we will have family here to help then. If Sprout decides to come early we will be in a bit of a pickle since on the 25th my brother is getting married in Malibu. And yes, that does mean we will be missing his wedding, which is a major disappointment. But sometimes life happens and things just don’t work out the way you wish they would. My brother is marrying an amazing woman who I am overjoyed to take as my sister as well. I wish them all the best on their special day and for the rest of their lives. Anyways…. at my appointment today we also set a date and time to meet our newest munchkin! It is official. March 1st, 3:30pm. You may remember reading before about our date choice, and I am sad to say the 29th was not an option for us. The hospital won’t allow us the schedule until the first day of the last week before I am due, which is March 1st. So now it is up to Sprout if he/she wants to be a leap day baby. But for now, all is well in babyland and we are getting excited to meet our little one.

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  1. I’m so excited to meet your little sprout. And I’m thrilled that you are going to keep cooking that baby! I say go into labor on the 29th so you can still have a leap year baby.

  2. woot woot! March 1st is Hans’ birthday! I’m all about it! 🙂 But leap year would be pretty cool too. 🙂

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