We Need A Name

Not for the baby. Those have already been chosen. (Wyatt or Amelia in case you forgot) We need a name for our new car. You might have read yesterday that we sold our Nissan Pathfinder. Well, last week we also bought a new-to-us ’99 Saturn. We needed something with less miles and a working AC mostly to get Russell to and from work, so our Subaru could be available to me and the kids. Remember when we discovered that all three car seats could fit safely in the back? Ya, that was a good day.

Russell and I have a tradition of naming our cars. It started when I was a kid, and has carried through. My first car, a white ’89 Plymouth Voyager was called “Vanna White”.

(Most of these pictures and just things I found out in internet land since we don’t have many photos of our old cars, but they are meant to give you an idea of what each was like, and probably a laugh or two)

When that died my great uncle gave me his silver ’93 Ford Tempo. This car was named “The Phantom” because of a misunderstanding made by my friend Phil. When I told him my car was called “Vanna White” he thought I said “The Phantom” and I told him I would name my next car “The Phantom” for him.

We sold that car just days before we left Texas to get married and move to Colorado. My grandmother was giving me her white ’91 Dodge Dynasty, which ran better and had much less miles on it. (See a pattern from where I got my cars? At least I have an excuse of why they were all old people cars) We named this car “White Power Bill” after a prison character from our favorite show, Arrested Development. It was the only V6 we have owned, so it was a more powerful car than we were used to. Also, it had a hole in the exhaust pipe for a while, which made it very loud.

A few years back we had enough money and were tired of the constant repairs and unpredictability of our older cars and so finally, we were able to buy our first NEW car. A green ’09 Subaru Outback. We named this one “Johnny Bark”, also a one time appearing character from Arrested Development.

And finally, the blue ’89 Nissan Pathfinder which we sold just days ago, who we called “Blue Steel”. Russell bought this car back in 2002 before we even moved to Texas. It was with us for longer than any other car we owned.

And so, now that we have a new member of our automotive family, we obviously need a name. So please, give us your suggestions. I was thinking maybe something outer-spacey since it is a Saturn, and Russell was thinking something gold-related because of its color. But any ideas are welcomed!

We are offering a Starbucks gift card to anyone who suggests the name we choose, so feel free to make lots of suggestions! Obviously we have a thing for TV shows or movie references, so for inspiration here are some of our favorite movies and shows.

LOST, Arrested Development, COPS, The Office, Blades of Glory, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

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