Goodbye, Old Friend

Last night we sold our Pathfinder.

It is a huge blessing to us, even more so because we got so close to our asking price. The car (which Russell bought almost a decade ago) had many, many miles on it, no AC and only two doors. It was not a reasonable car for either of us to be driving, so it sat. Unregistered, uninsured, and not driven for over a year. It was time to part ways.

On the other hand, it was hard to let go. Both Russell and I had a deep love for that car. He got it just months after we started dating, and it has taken us from California to Texas to Colorado to Nevada, and on countless adventures in between. I remember in our early months/years of dating looking into the backseat and imagining our future children sitting back there someday. It was a good car will be missed.

New Mexico BLM trip, 2008

Colorado 4WD adventure

Baby me being silly in the pathfinder (and my brother-in-law in the background)

Baby Russell telling me how he really feels

Fulfilling my dream of seeing our kids in the backseat.

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