"Man and Wife"

Last weekend Russell and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. And by “celebrated” I mean that he went to work and then we took the girls to Applebees for dinner. Fancy, I know. But as far as anniversaries go for us, it was one of the better ones.

Our first anniversary we went out for a lovely dinner at a very expensive restaurant. We followed that by a night in the emergency room. Russell had an intestinal infection and spent the whole night throwing up that very expensive meal.

Our second anniversary we went out to dinner again, and while everything was very nice that night, the restaurant did burn to the ground just a week or so later.

2 years

Our third anniversary was our most exciting, as we went to see Penn & Teller for the first time here is las Vegas. The only downside to that year was that I had to leave town the next morning for my Uncle’s funeral. We forgot to take a camera, but Russell talked someone else into taking a picture for me and emailing it to him. 🙂

3 years

Our fourth anniversary was very low key as we had just spent a bunch of time traveling around to see family. Oh, and I was very pregnant with the twins.

4 years

For the big 5 year, we decided that would be a good day to be moving to California, so we spent the whole day in the car. Although we did stop and enjoy a very classy lunch at Arby’s in Lost Hills. Which is much more exciting than it sounds, and I am aware it doesn’t sound very exciting.

Lost Hills

And while we didn’t do anything particularly exciting this year, we did remember to take a picture. Since we didn’t have anyone to take it for us we used a tripod and a timer. We ended up with some funny pictures that I’d like to share with you today.

This is when I took a picture without setting the timer to go off:

Here I am yelling at Russell for messing up my sweater:

Here is our attempt at making a heart out of our hands:

(even the girls know the difference between a triangle and a heart)

And finally, the best of the bunch:

Being married is all about the ups and the downs. You have to have a sense of humor about the curve balls life sometimes throws at you. I hope all of my married readers find the same joy and comfort in their spouse as I do.

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  1. Awwe I’m glad you guys had a good anniversary. We r in the same boat.. or our anniversary.. we both worked.. I babysat all day and took care of the kids as usual while the hubby worked half the day.. then he came home and went to sleep due to having to work a 4 am shift 😦 but he did manage to wake up at 8pm for a chinese dinner with my kids and my dad at our local fav restaurant.. welcome to the life of parenthood lol *hugs* and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you two love birds! Here’s to many more wonderful years, wonderful memories and happy and healthy parents and babies! *hugs*

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