Two Words

A few weeks ago Alyssa used two words together for the first time. They were “more ice” followed immediately by “please ice”. She has continued using a whole collection of two word phrases since. Just a couple nights ago Kylie put two words together too. Hers were “Mama butt”. The girls were in the bath together and Alyssa’s butt was in Kylie’s face. So she said “butt. butt.” And I said “yes, that is Alyssa’s butt.” Then she pointed to my butt and said “Mama butt!” Good job Kylie. That’s one for the baby book. 🙂 Since then she has also been using more phrases including “more please”. I am so proud of my little girls for being so smart and polite!

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  1. That is SOOO cute! I love it!

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