If you were wondering, this is what victory looks like for our family right now.

This may not seem very special to you, but it is a huge win for us. The discovery that all three car seats fit safely in the back of our Subaru is one that will save us a ton of money and stress over the next few months. This means we won’t have to buy a mini-van new enough to not leave me and three kids stranded on the side if the road somewhere. This means we will only have to put a small amount of money towards a little to-and-from work car for Russell. This means we don’t even have to have it all figured out before Sprout arrives.

Now we will spend a little more time playing with the backseat arrangement (where to put the baby, who sits in the middle, etc) I am inclined to believe Sprout will take one of the side seats, and not the middle as it is set up now, but I am not sure how thrilled I would be to be 9 months pregnant and have to reach over an empty baby seat to strap in one of my rambunctious toddlers.

For now, I won’t worry and will just celebrate our fabulous discovery.

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  1. I think that should be considered modern art! Bravo!

  2. That is awesome!!! Congratulations! 🙂

  3. […] to get Russell to and from work, so our Subaru could be available to me and the kids. Remember when we discovered that all three car seats could fit safely in the back? Ya, that was a good […]

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