Now That’s A Deal

I have made the girls’ Halloween costumes every year so far (two whole times!) But I also must confess that I did spend some money on costumes this year. The day AFTER Halloween. If you have young children and have never tried this… let me introduce you to something awesome. Go shopping the day after Halloween and buy the costumes at a huge discount. Be sure to buy a size or two up for longer wear.Throw them into a bin and you have cheap and easy dress up for your kids all year long. It is so cool. Check out what we found.

The best deals we got were the doctors outfit (scrubs, lab coat, stethoscope) which was MSRP $32.00 and I paid $4.50 and the Bavarian dress with flowery/ribbon headband MSRP $35.00, paid $5.

And as you can see, the girls did not enjoy either one very much…

I also happened to find a bunch of great baby stuff for next year for Sprout.

A bathrobe, pajamas, a four pack of long sleeve bodysuits and a bib. Total paid: $6.20.

All in all I had a savings of $133.30. Not a bad shopping trip in my book.

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Kylie the Lion, Alyssa the monkey

Words can not express how proud my girls made me last night. They are usually very shy and have a bit of stranger anxiety so I fully expected to go to two or three houses, have them cry, and come home. And while they were very confused at the first couple of houses (which is to be expected since this was their first time, and it is a curious tradition) as the night went on they really got the hang of it.

heading out, still unsure

first house

cruising the neighborhood

They held our hands whenever we were in the street, and enjoyed taking turns pushing the button (ringing the bell). They began to be brave enough to go up to the stranger and take the candy from them, and even would pick some out of the bowl themselves. They were not greedy though as they would only take one piece! It was so cute.

checking out what she got so far

By the last house they were so comfortable that they even talked to the people and were telling them what a lion and a monkey say! I think they really had a lot of fun.

they really liked the inflatables

At one point Alyssa stopped walking because she wanted to give each of us a kiss. I think it was her way of saying “this is really fun, thanks for bringing me here you guys!”

flashlight for safety

I don’t know that they really understood they were getting candy (since I am not sure they have ever had a piece of candy in their lives) but they knew they were getting something, and that was exciting enough for them.Their little buckets filled up much more quickly than I expected, and on a number of occasions Kylie’s spilled. Alyssa was quick to help her pick them up, although most of the spilled candy ended up in her own bucket.

O.k. Dad I'm ready!

helping Kylie ring the bell

At the end of the night we brought the girls home and let them search through their hauls. Since it was right before bed they didn’t get to eat anything, but they had a lot of fun shaking some of the boxes. And Kylie spent a while licking a box of milk duds. I think that may be her first piece she’ll get to try. They also got to help up pass out a bit of candy before they went to bed.

what is this?

Kylie was pooped

And for two little girls who have never had candy, they sure scored last night.

candy overflow

Best Halloween Ever.

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