Someday I won’t have to help them get dressed.

Someday time-outs will be a thing of the past.

Someday there will not be toys all over the house for me to clean up.

Someday they won’t need my help to fall asleep.

Someday they will give me 5 minutes of peace and quiet to myself.

Someday they won’t pull me around the house by my finger.


But for now, I will try and cherish this time. Because…


Someday they won’t want my help anymore.

Someday they will have a life of their own.

Someday I will lay in bed awake worrying about them while they are staying out late.

Someday I’ll complain that they don’t call often enough.

Someday I won’t be able to solve their problems with a kiss and a hug.

Someday they will be all grown up.

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  1. :*) very sweet

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