Pregnancy Reflections

When I was pregnant with our twins I had not started this blog yet. I did, however, keep a blog on an online pregnancy journal website. One of the features on the site were monthly reflections for you to fill out and look back on. It was something I enjoyed, and an idea I am going to borrow.

I started thinking I might be pregnant when: I forgot the word for grocery store. I know it sounds funny, but I had major “pregnancy brain” during my last pregnancy. I forgot common words for things all the time (when I couldn’t think of the word raisin I said dehydrated grapes!) When I couldn’t think of the word popsicle, I was sure.

I found out I was pregnant: July 13, 2011. Two years to the day after I found out I was pregnant the last time.

The hardest thing for me to give up was: Not much since I eat pretty healthy and don’t drink caffeine. But I do miss having the occasional drink. Especially when all my mom friends go out :/

What I am enjoying the most about the pregnancy so far is: Feeling the baby move so much earlier and more often than with the twins.

What I least expected about this pregnancy was: All the back pain. Honestly I thought if I dodged it so easily with two babies, one would be no trouble at all. But there is a lot more lifting, bending, crawling and sitting on the floor that I have to do this time than I did the last.

My hopes:

– I hope the baby will be nice an healthy!

– I hope the kids will like being close together in age.

– I hope the girls like being big sisters and transition easily.

– I hope I don’t lose my mind with three kids under three.

My fears: I really don’t want to do the whole preemie baby/NICU thing over again. I know our chances of that happening are really small, but I can’t keep that fear out of the back of my mind.

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  1. You will not lose your mind. I’m almost certain I didn’t lose mine. 😉

  2. Your doing a great job lil lady. Being a pregnant when you already have a child/children to look after can be a challenge.. but before you know it you will be running around after all three of your lil ones and it will be much easier than doing it while being pregnant. I think your daughters will be wonderful big sisters.. all though be prepared.. from all i’ve seen from your posts.. you have two lil monkeys that will soon show the ropes to younger sibling as to how to crawl and climb onto everything lol. Maybe your kids will be gynmistes (sp?) when they are older. They are too cute!! You have all my love and prayers but you wont need them.. everything will be just fine *hugs*

  3. Congrats on your pregnancy! What an exciting time! I am sure you will handle it all like a pro–like only a seasoned MoM could 😉

    following from M&M

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