Now That’s A Deal

I have made the girls’ Halloween costumes every year so far (two whole times!) But I also must confess that I did spend some money on costumes this year. The day AFTER Halloween. If you have young children and have never tried this… let me introduce you to something awesome. Go shopping the day after Halloween and buy the costumes at a huge discount. Be sure to buy a size or two up for longer wear.Throw them into a bin and you have cheap and easy dress up for your kids all year long. It is so cool. Check out what we found.

The best deals we got were the doctors outfit (scrubs, lab coat, stethoscope) which was MSRP $32.00 and I paid $4.50 and the Bavarian dress with flowery/ribbon headband MSRP $35.00, paid $5.

And as you can see, the girls did not enjoy either one very much…

I also happened to find a bunch of great baby stuff for next year for Sprout.

A bathrobe, pajamas, a four pack of long sleeve bodysuits and a bib. Total paid: $6.20.

All in all I had a savings of $133.30. Not a bad shopping trip in my book.

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  1. That’s awesome! And those outfits are so cute! 🙂

  2. SWEET deals!

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