What Are The Odds?

My due date for this pregnancy is March 8. Since I had a c-section with the twins, I will have to have a scheduled c-section this time around also. (It is not really a big deal at all since my experience the first time around was very easy) For a scheduled cesarean my doctor had told me they like to do them about a week before your due date so you have less of a chance of going into labor. If you were to pull out your calendar you would see that would be one of the last days of February or the first day or March. And just to add a little twist, this coming year is no ordinary year… it is a leap year. Which means there is a very real possibility Sprout could be born on leap day. That we could choose to have Sprout born on leap day.

I have not decided exactly how I feel about the whole idea yet. In some ways I think it would be very fun and special and give him/her something extra unique about them-self (especially competing with sisters that are identical twins) But I am not sure how it feels not having your actual birth date thing every year.

In case you are wondering here are some statistics:

Odds of having identical twins: 3 out of 1,000 or 0.003%

Odds of having a leap day baby: 1 out of 1,506 or 0.00067%

So, I am curious… What are your thoughts on a leap day baby, and would you choose to do it if you could?

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  1. With Isabella, I was due on Feb 25th and I really wanted to have a leap year baby. So much for that since I was induced on the 20th. They were worried about how big she was since the ultrasound said she was already 81/2 pounds at 37 weeks so my doc didn’t want me going over. HA! She was 7.8 at 40 weeks when she was born.
    I say give him/her a special birthday! Plus sell the whole you don’t have to share your birthday deal.

  2. Well, if you’re having a girl, by the time she’s in her thirties, she can always say she only has a birthday once every four years. 🙂

    I don’t see anything wrong with having a baby on Leap Day. Though, as a child they may think you’re making up their birthdate. Haha!

  3. […] a date and time to meet our newest munchkin! It is official. March 1st, 3:30pm. You may remember reading before about our date choice, and I am sad to say the 29th was not an option for us. The hospital won’t allow us the […]

  4. My identical twin girls were born on Feb 29th 2012. I can’t find stats for that….guess I would multiply both numbers together??!!??

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