In Their Eyes

A few days ago we had some friends over for dinner. I had puled out a few games for after the girls went to bed. I left them on the table in the kitchen and have yet to put them away.

Today during lunch the girls looked over, started pointing and saying “Mama!” at the boxes. They have gotten pretty good at identifying things (even the tiniest of things) on boxes or books, so I looked to try to find what they were talking about. The game selection included Ticket To Ride, Mille Bornes, Clue and Puerto Rico.

O.k. nothing really there that looks like me. Until I looked at the last box. Scattergories. And the picture of the little man on the box.

Maybe this is what they were meaning. Sure, there are plenty of days I feel like my head might explode and all the craziness will just come pouring out, but I didn’t know that my girls could see that in me. Although this guy looks a little too happy. Maybe it will look a little more like this when it actually happens…

I think the real question here is how come Daddy gets this, and this is what Mommy gets?

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My little Bear (Kylie) is a funny sleeper. I always find her in weird, seemingly uncomfortable, positions. Here are just a couple from the past 2 nights.

Hanging out


curled up

This one cracks me up because she had the whole bed to herself and is all snuggled up tight in one corner.

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Who Is Really Pregnant?

Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t.

Maybe you got an email telling you to keep it a secret from the men, maybe you didn’t.

Maybe you have no idea what this is all about and that is fine too.

When I saw friends posting they were XX number of weeks and craving YY, I immediately got an icky feeling. Hard to describe. And I have been thinking since then how to put it into words. Then I saw a friend post a link to this blog post, which I highly recommend you check out. It takes about how this simple “game” of pretending to be pregnant to raise support for breast cancer can actually have unforeseen effects on your friends. Those who are (probably secretly) struggling with infertility.

I can relate. We tried for a while to get pregnant, and I know just how hard it is to be excited for someone else to be pregnant when all you want yourself is a little one to hold. I have friends who I know are in the same place right now. Here is just an excerpt for the posting.

If you played the game, I guarantee you there is someone on your friends list who saw you post your fake pregnancy, and for a moment, she was reminded of her empty aching womb, preparing herself to congratulate you, because she loves you, and yes, she IS truly happy for you if you ever do get pregnant. She went through the emotions that come with such a sensitive situation for her, and she probably cried. And when she found out it was all a joke, she probably felt anger and pain and learned NOTHING about Breast Cancer Awareness.

I don’t mean to get down on you if you have posted a status like this, but just aim to spread awareness for another cause. I am also urging my readers NOT to participate in this game, but instead post something that actually will do something to help.

Here is a link to give FREE mammograms!

Share this with your friends, and click it yourself.

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A Daughter And Her Daddy

I guess it’s true what they say about the special way a daughter views her daddy.

Yesterday I had my facebook open and Alyssa found her way over to the computer. She saw one of those annoying advertisements on the side (seen also: here) except this time the ad was for a gym or something and the picture was of some muscle-y man.

Like this one…

To which she pointed and said “DaDa!”

No, sweetheart… not quite DaDa. 🙂 But I bet Daddy appreciates the compliment.

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See You Later, Alligator

Here are just a few reasons why I am glad summer is on the way out!

  • Cooler temperatures! Yes I know for many parts of the country this has already begun, but here is Las Vegas it is still supposed to be 105 today. It is only 75 out now and that feels wonderful. While I do love the warm weather, this summer has been especially hard trying to entertain two 18 month olds in the heat. You see, we are a one car family for now and that one car drives my husband down to Henderson everyday. And I am sorry, but I am not about to push a double stroller and 50+ pounds of kids the mile each way to go to the park in 100 degree weather. (Actually, I am not sorry) So we spend most of our days stuck around the house.
  • Getting dark earlier! This might seem like a funny thing to wish for, but as a parent with small children I can tell you it makes my life easier. Our kids go to bed at 7pm. The problem is that during summer the sun is still bright and shining at that time. Kids thrive on cues and signals (the reason why many parents use a bedtime routine) and the only signal the sun is sending at that time is “I’m still up, let’s keep playing”. Not helpful sun… not helpful.
  • Neighborhood kids inside! This could almost be included in the getting dark earlier, but I think school nights play into it as well, so that’s why I am making it it’s own point. It sure is hard to get our girls to sleep when there are kids playing outside in the street. Especially since their window faces the street and picks up a lot of the noise.
  • Lower energy bills! This one is pretty self explanatory. Russell and I try to live a pretty frugal life. But in the summer time in Las Vegas keeping our energy bill low is not an easy task. We do pay much less than many people as we keep our house a bit on the warm side at 82 degrees, but our bill during the summer months is about 4-5 times as high as it is during the winter. Ouch!
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