Goodnight Womb?

While I was pregnant with the girls Russell read to them almost every night. Before they even had ears to hear. But from the very moment they could hear he wanted them to know his voice. And he was rewarded for that by the obvious comfort they received from having him with them in the NICU. I was unable to be there for them the first day and a half of their lives and it was such a blessing that the girls could recognize their Daddy during that time.

He has continued this tradition with Sprout over the past few months. One night he was reading the popular bedtime book Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown, and it suddenly occurred to me how funny this actually was. Here Russell was reading about a telephone, a clock, a red balloon, socks, a mouse, a brush, mittens, etc. and our little Sprout has NO idea what any of that stuff is. He or she has no concept of anything beyond their nice little watery bubble.

So maybe we need to make up a new story, one Sprout can relate to. I think it should be called “Goodnight Womb”.

It does pose a few problems though as not much rhymes with “placenta”, “amniotic fluid”, and “umbilical cord”.

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  1. I can see it now-goodnight blood, goodnight fluid.

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