In Their Eyes

A few days ago we had some friends over for dinner. I had puled out a few games for after the girls went to bed. I left them on the table in the kitchen and have yet to put them away.

Today during lunch the girls looked over, started pointing and saying “Mama!” at the boxes. They have gotten pretty good at identifying things (even the tiniest of things) on boxes or books, so I looked to try to find what they were talking about. The game selection included Ticket To Ride, Mille Bornes, Clue and Puerto Rico.

O.k. nothing really there that looks like me. Until I looked at the last box. Scattergories. And the picture of the little man on the box.

Maybe this is what they were meaning. Sure, there are plenty of days I feel like my head might explode and all the craziness will just come pouring out, but I didn’t know that my girls could see that in me. Although this guy looks a little too happy. Maybe it will look a little more like this when it actually happens…

I think the real question here is how come Daddy gets this, and this is what Mommy gets?

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  1. Too funny!

  2. lol

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