Who Is Really Pregnant?

Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t.

Maybe you got an email telling you to keep it a secret from the men, maybe you didn’t.

Maybe you have no idea what this is all about and that is fine too.

When I saw friends posting they were XX number of weeks and craving YY, I immediately got an icky feeling. Hard to describe. And I have been thinking since then how to put it into words. Then I saw a friend post a link to this blog post, which I highly recommend you check out. It takes about how this simple “game” of pretending to be pregnant to raise support for breast cancer can actually have unforeseen effects on your friends. Those who are (probably secretly) struggling with infertility.

I can relate. We tried for a while to get pregnant, and I know just how hard it is to be excited for someone else to be pregnant when all you want yourself is a little one to hold. I have friends who I know are in the same place right now. Here is just an excerpt for the posting.

If you played the game, I guarantee you there is someone on your friends list who saw you post your fake pregnancy, and for a moment, she was reminded of her empty aching womb, preparing herself to congratulate you, because she loves you, and yes, she IS truly happy for you if you ever do get pregnant. She went through the emotions that come with such a sensitive situation for her, and she probably cried. And when she found out it was all a joke, she probably felt anger and pain and learned NOTHING about Breast Cancer Awareness.

I don’t mean to get down on you if you have posted a status like this, but just aim to spread awareness for another cause. I am also urging my readers NOT to participate in this game, but instead post something that actually will do something to help.

Here is a link to give FREE mammograms!

Share this with your friends, and click it yourself.

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  1. That’s a horrible thing to do. I hadn’t heard about it before this. Thanks for raising awareness.

  2. Well expressed, Anina. As a mom who came through infertility to adopt our two beautiful children, I understand firsthand the ache of infertility. Now I work for Bethany Christian Services, where I get to meet other hopeful moms longing for a baby to love. The breast cancer game doesn’t mean to hurt anyone, I’m sure, but how sensitive you are to bring this awareness and caution forward for the care of those for whom cravings and pregnancy is no joke.

  3. Those were some of the saddest 6 years of my life when your Dad & I struggled through infertility. Thanks for your sensitive description of the lonely ache couples feel.

  4. Thank you, Nina! It is a hard thing to do… and for a week or two I completely avoided facebook. You really don’t know the emotions that go along with it until you’ve walked down that road. Thanks for bringing awareness to it!

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