Up And Running

I shared a few days ago that I was opening up my own Etsy shop after I got a few requests for hats after I made these strawberry hats. I am happy to announce that it is up an running. AND I have already had a cousin customer buy two hats. Woo Hoo!


And if you are a mother of multiples, let me know if you are interested because I am offering a special discount to my fellow MoMs! (send me a message before you buy… I don’t want to publish the coupon code for everyone to use)

Here are two of my favorite hats up there right now:

Owl Hat

Pumpkin Hat

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Is It Really Time Already?

Yesterday Alyssa climbed out of her crib by herself. I didn’t see it, but was hoping it was by accident. Today after they woke up from their naps I heard a thud and ran in the find Kylie on the floor, and Alyssa half hanging over the bar on her crib. I know we have little monkeys, but come on! They are not even 17 months old. I was sure hoping we’d be able to keep them in the safety of a crib for just a little while longer.

The mattresses are already on their lowest setting and since now that it seems I can expect this behavior everyday we have some decisions to make. We could:

  • keep them in the cribs and hope they don’t hurt themselves crawling out of them.
  • take one side off the cribs and get those little rails, so that when they do climb out they don’t have as far to fall.

  • buy those little toddler beds that would work for a few years, and just let them climb in and out themselves.

  • buy their regular sized twin beds that would be theirs until the move out someday.

So I need advice from those with older kids. What did you do when it was time to upgrade, and what can you tell me about the pros and cons of your choice?

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Due to the number of responses after I posted these strawberry hats, I have decided to open up a little shop on Etsy. While it will take me a little while to make all of the items I hope to be selling, I thought I would share with you… my loyal readers… a little preview of what I am thinking so far.

These are obviously all hats for kids, although I plan to include other items as well. I’d love to hear any feedback, suggestions, or requests too. Thanks for your support everyone 🙂

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Things I Never Thought I Would Do

Now I can add “blow dry a cat” to my list of things I never thought I would do.

We drove home from southern California last night and got in around 10pm. We unloaded the car, put the girls in bed and got unpacked. Rusty needed a bath after a few days of playing around the horses but his short little hair dries very fast. Leila needed a bath as well after a little incident in the car that upset her stomach and left her with some of the “Big D” in her fur. But with it being so late she couldn’t go to bed wet, and wouldn’t be able to dry very well on her own so I had to break out the hair dryer on the cool setting. Let’s just say it was an adventure. She actually did really well and only swatted a few times at the beginning. By the time I was brushing her she was purring.

Let’s just say though… I am glad it wasn’t Tank.

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Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! We are still out of town visiting family, so I don’t have much time but I wanted to share a couple of pictures from the girls’ first parade this morning.

Alyssa with her flag


Kylie pointing


doing his job as a Daddy


Mom and the girls

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Bad Hair Days

We all have them.

The trick is not to let them make you crazy.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Someone Should Tell Me It’s July… In Las Vegas

Because yesterday I made the girls snuggly fleece hats.

I couldn’t help myself. First of all, I needed a sewing project, second of all they have entirely too many summer sun hats, third of all I had tons of extra fleece left over from winter.

Luckily the hats will still fit them come cooler weather AND I won’t have to scramble when that temperature does drop to find/make them something to keep them warm. Plus they are just so cute! Don’t you think?

They’re little strawberries!

I am also planning on making a couple little pumpkins for fall…


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