How To Beat The Heat

In Las Vegas in the summer a parent must get creative with fun new things to do with their kids. And since we are a one car family with a 30 minute commute that means we must have a lot of exciting toys in our arsenal to rotate in and out. The newest addition?

The Ball Pit!

Seriously, who doesn’t love a ball pit? I wish we had an adult sized one. But while the image of a ball pit at Chuck-E-Cheese or Burger King might not be your idea of sanitary… one at home is inexpensive, fun and clean. I picked up a small inflatable pool (with an inflatable bottom for nose dives)

and 300 brightly colored balls. (which sounds like much more than it actually is)

and voila! An at home ball pit.

And do you think they enjoyed it?




And what is Daddy for? Swinging us upside down with our face in the balls of course.

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  1. awesome job lil lady. bet the lil ones love it! places like ross also carry things like that. a few years back when Kyle was around 2 i bought a ball pit for bout 15 dollars from there. same deal but it had a mesh type tent with bendable poles that attached and a basketball type hoop at each end.

  2. Fantastic idea! We have a kiddie pool in the back yard we might be able to transform into a ball pit at some point – thanks for the idea!!

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