Goodbye Cribs… Hello Big Girl Beds

As I mentioned a few days ago the girls had begun climbing out of their cribs, which made them a little unsafe. So it was time to upgrade. But would it be a mattress thrown on the floor, cribs minus one side plus a soft rail, toddler beds, or full size bunk beds with a trundle? The verdict?

Toddler Beds.

I know, I know they don’t make as much financial sense in the long run, but for the time being we didn’t have to buy new mattresses, sheets, or anything else… and I found a great deal on very highly rated beds.

Daddy put the girls down this morning for their first nap in their new beds (Mommy got stuck at the auto dealership for 3 1/2 hours!) and the girls did great! They fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep long, and didn’t fall out. I am calling that a win. 🙂

So here is a little peak into their nursery new.

Alyssa's big girl bed


Kylie's big girl bed


And with the new beds come new possibilities. Like the ability to climb onto the twin bed and play in the window.

And now for proof that they are actually sleeping in these beds…

Kylie asleep

Even Leila thought it looked like a good place to nap.

Alyssa and Leila

Truth be told, this has not been an easy transition for me. I still want my little ones to be babies, and babies don’t sleep in big girl beds- big girls do. And the fact that I missed their very first time in their new beds made it even harder. But I am so proud of my BIG GIRLS who handled it beautifully. Just as easy as they dropped the pacifiers and the bottles they took to their new beds. So , good job girls. You make your mama proud.

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  1. Letting go at each stage is hard (think letting you go to Texas) but that’s what moms do. I do love how they both have one of their baby dolls:)

  2. They’re so cute! Great job girls (and Mommy and Daddy)!!! 🙂

  3. awww!!! congratulations on making it to another stage of parenting and BIG hug!

  4. hi! congrats! i had a question…my daughter was born 2/13/2010…close to your sweet girls…i’m debating the bed upgrade right now…she’s not crawling/climbing out yet…and just wondering if your girls come to visit you in the middle of the night in your room b/c they can get up and walk around freely? have you found them sleeping elsewhere in their room/hallway? this worries me for some reason…how do you deal?! 🙂

    • Honestly, if she is not crawling out of her crib now, I don’t know why you would switch her to a bigger bed. I know people who their kids are 3 and have never crawled out of the crib. I would keep her in there as long as possible! YES, they do crawl out of the beds often. Because they share a room they have never come out to find us, they just go to each other. We do find them on the floor or in other places almost every night. We keep their door shut to keep them from coming out to the rest of the house.

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