Is It Really Time Already?

Yesterday Alyssa climbed out of her crib by herself. I didn’t see it, but was hoping it was by accident. Today after they woke up from their naps I heard a thud and ran in the find Kylie on the floor, and Alyssa half hanging over the bar on her crib. I know we have little monkeys, but come on! They are not even 17 months old. I was sure hoping we’d be able to keep them in the safety of a crib for just a little while longer.

The mattresses are already on their lowest setting and since now that it seems I can expect this behavior everyday we have some decisions to make. We could:

  • keep them in the cribs and hope they don’t hurt themselves crawling out of them.
  • take one side off the cribs and get those little rails, so that when they do climb out they don’t have as far to fall.

  • buy those little toddler beds that would work for a few years, and just let them climb in and out themselves.

  • buy their regular sized twin beds that would be theirs until the move out someday.

So I need advice from those with older kids. What did you do when it was time to upgrade, and what can you tell me about the pros and cons of your choice?

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  1. We went with the toddler bed because of space issues and well it is just so cute! Since you’ll need two beds it looks to me like the twin with the trundle is the best space saver. I find it hard to believe you need to make this decision already, they really are crazy monkeys. lol

  2. I’m so sorry. I’m so lucky that Isabella has not crawled out yet. But I caught Molly half way out this morning. I know that little monkey will be out any day now. I’m going to buy the girls bunk beds when one of them decides to crawl out. Isabella’s crib converts to a toddler bed and then a twin so Mark will get that bed.
    Have you thought about getting crib tents? Lots of the twin moms swear by them.

    • Holly said Kyden figured his out in about a week, and the girls seems a lot like him, so I didn’t really want to waste the money.

  3. We went to a big girl bed. No toddler beds. They are not an economical step, when a big girl bed works just fine. We just wanted to buy 1 bed until the day she moves out. We did a full bed with a trundle for sleep overs (AKA Keegan). With Brennan, she climbed out of the crib at 9 months and that was the end of her crib time.

    • I am so glad to hear someone else had to make the transition early, but 9 months? That’s just crazy. We were thinking bunk beds with a trundle. That way it saves space and we can use the bottom bunk/trundle for now and then switch to both bunks later with the trundle for sleepovers.

      • I think thats a really good idea. I recommend getting a trundle that is on wheels and does not have to be attached to another bed so you can drag it to the other side of the room. Your girls remind me a lot of Brennan. Fearless adventurers. It only gets worse…and better in the sense that they get a lot more agile. Brennan NEVER gets hurt. But I am constantly peeling her off of the top shelves of bookshelves. Finding her on top of counters able to reach any shelf in a cabinet. Its a lot of fun. And completely exhausting.

  4. We got a hand-me down toddler and it’s worked out well -especially since G is such a sprawler. She has fallen out (even with the safety rails like the ones in your picture) and I like knowing that she’s not that far from the ground!

  5. […] Cribs… Hello Big Girl Beds As I mentioned a few days ago the girls had begun climbing out of their cribs, which made them a little unsafe. So it was time to […]

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