We May Need To Work On Our Secretary Skills

While I was outside this afternoon hanging the laundry (which I am sure you can imagine is anything but cool in Las Vegas in June) the girls decided to be little helpers and reorganize our filing cabinet for us. I am using the terms “helpers” and “reorganize” loosely here since reorganizing consisted mostly of dumping out a number of files in one big pile. It also included sitting in that pile and throwing the papers over themselves. (Think what people do when they get a huge pile of cash on TV) But you know, not with anything important. Just little files… like our mortgage documents, car loan documents and all our medical records.


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  1. ugh! hmm… while cute in the moment, the outcome …. not so cute. šŸ˜¦ Sorry friend!

  2. You make me feel like a better mom, knowing that there is another mom out there who had kids that get into everything! How do they get into things so quickly???

  3. Never a dull moment with twins in the house. : )

  4. heeh i feel for ya.. we have to keep EVERYTHING locked.. even filing cabinets lol.. you live.. you learn šŸ™‚ you’ll look back and laugh at these times some day… atleast so i’m told lol

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