Is This Good Parenting?

I guess more specifically I am wondering if the parents in this video asked themselves that question.

If you actually had the stomach to watch all two and a half minutes of that cute little girl hugging and petting a dead squirrel, you might be feeling the same way I did.

WHAT are these parents thinking?

Generally I try not to judge other parents for how they choose to raise their kids, but this kinda takes that to a whole new place. My first thought was “Oh boy, wait until this guy’s wife sees this.” Until, nope… she’s there in the video too. I will give this dad as much credit as I can possibly muster and say, at least he did say she was going straight into the bath afterwards.

Now as you might have been able to gather from my other posts, I am not a germ-a-phobe. I did, just his morning, let my girls chase and squash bugs in our back yard. But I do believe it is our job as parents to say at some point:

“No, the animal carcass is just not a toy.”

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  1. I saw the video and it was so gross. I’m not really sure what they were thinking. Maybe no one told them that dead animals weren’t toys in parentig class????

  2. Hans and I are CRACKING up at your blog post – particularly the last line. 🙂

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