You’re Not Going To Believe This

Well, if you’ve read my blog or you know anything about my kids maybe you will.

Kylie had a little fun on the rocking horse today. I think she might have a career as a trick rider in her future. What do you think?

Let me preface this by saying, this is not the first time either of my kids have done this… it just happens to be the first time I was able to catch it on film.

So, the part of the horse she is standing on is already about a foot and a half off the ground, when you add that to the fact that it bounces and rocks too… you’ve got something pretty impressive here I think.

A while ago my friend Allison commented saying she sometimes felt like hers were the only kids who got into stuff all the time. Things like this make me wonder if other parents of 16 month old kids deal with this type of stuff as well. It sure doesn’t seem like it.

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  1. She’s crazy!!! Where did she come from?

  2. I love it. 🙂

    And my kids are crazy too. Dawson loves to climb up to the top of the couch and then just fall backwards onto the cushions. Oh yeah, that’s safe – not! lol

  3. I LOVE the look on Miss Kylie’s face!!! It’s her rocker face for sure!! Now she just needs to be playing air guitar WHILE standing on top of the horse! 🙂 thanks for the birthday phone call today! It meant so much to me! We just got home and now it is definitely time for bed. 🙂 HUGS!

  4. It really does feel like our kids are the only ones that do these crazy things. But maybe we are the only moms that can handle it long enough to take a picture.

  5. That is an awesome mullet!

  6. Oh does this bring back memories! My girls were about this age when the climbing really went crazy. I worried so much! It was about this time that I decided they would be in gymnastics as soon as they were old enough! : )
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