Free Sun Hat Pattern

Woohoo! I am so excited to share with you this free pattern I designed for a baby or toddler summer sun hat. I love this project because it is quick and easy to do, plus I love anytime a pattern uses less than a yard of fabric because I can hunt through the remnant bin and get it extra cheap!


If you use this pattern please remember to credit me here @ Twinfinite Fun and share with me any pictures from your project. I’d love to see them!

Lady Bug Sun Hat

Two Sun Hats

Polka Dot with Trim Detail

And don’t forget to get yourself a cute kid (or two!) to help model them. 🙂

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A Full House

I spent a good portion of today doing a little spring cleaning. I got the guest bedroom, guest closet, hall closet, master bathroom, and my shelves in our closet cleaned and organized. Whew! It felt amazing. While I was hoping to get a few more things done, I feel pretty good about what I accomplished.

In cleaning out the hall closet I spent some time reorganizing some of our games. We have a lot of them as we really enjoy playing all kinds of games. But I did find quite a few decks of cards. Well, more than a few. Actually more than 15 decks of cards. So it got me thinking… how many decks of cards does a reasonable family of four usually have? (Yes, I am counting the girls even though they are years away from playing cards!) Do understand, not all are traditional poker cards. We have at least two decks of Pinochle cards, and four decks shuffled together for when we play Hand and Foot. But what do you think? How many is too many?

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A Weekend Project

I actually made this yesterday during the girls’ afternoon nap, but Russell didn’t get a chance to hang it until tonight, so I didn’t get to take a picture yet! Anyways, I have had this fabric laying around for probably about a year. I saw it, loved it and got a great deal, but didn’t have a plan for it. Finally I rediscovered it this weekend and decided to make some little curtains for our kitchen window. It was so easy to do I got it done in less than an hour. I love the way it makes our kitchen look! What do you think?

Here is a close up of the fabric, because I think it is so cool.

Happy Monday everyone!

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From time to time I like to highlight some of our family’s favorite books. Last night for story time I read the girls Corduroy by Don Freeman. This is an oldie but a goodie. It was read to me when I was little, and I had completely forgotten about it until I was pregnant. We were visiting Russell’s family in Texas and they had a bunch of the boys old books on a shelf in the room where we were staying. During my pregnancy Russell had read to the babies every night and so he picked up a book off the shelf to read to them. Corduroy. As he started reading I was like “Hey, I remember this!” Months and months later when his parents were visiting us here in Vegas they stopped by the bookstore and picked up a few new books for the girls. Corduroy was one of them.

It is a very cute story about a little stuffed bear named Corduroy, who is waiting for someone to come to the department store and take him home. But when he discovers he is less then desirable due to a missing button he goes on a search to find it after the store closes. In the end he is chosen by a little girl who loves him just the way he is, and brings him home.

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