How Many Books?!?

A while ago I read a blog post that talked about money saving ideas, and specifically tips for getting children’s books cheap. Thrown into the middle of this was a fact I thought could use a little more discussion. Check out what it said: “Additionally, researchers have found that children growing up with 500+ books in the home go on to more years of education, no matter the level of education of the parents.” 

I’m sorry, what?

I thought we had a good collection of books for the girls… but 500? We are not even close. So I am wondering, how many people have that many books? We sure didn’t when I was a kid. Is this something the average person can actually accomplish for their children? Granted, our girls are only one and I am sure we will collect plenty of new books for them over the years, but that number still seems a little bit outrageous to me.

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  1. We probably have over 500 children’s books. We are a member of a couple bookclubs, plus the Ferst Foundation sends both kids a free book a month. And we go to the book store once a paycheck as an outing and Brennan picks out 3 books a time. Plus garage sales and boxes of books people have handed down to us, and when the library cleans out there shelves we have gotten quite the collection.

  2. We prob have at least 300 books in the house. But I take the kids to the library to check out books for free instead of buying more. Unless I’m in Target where they have dollar books right as you walk in, I’m a sucker for those books.

  3. That’s what weekly trips to the library are for.

  4. With tools such as the library and what not etc.. I think its crazy to have that amount of books in ones home. We have at least 60 books at the moment in our kids rooms. But when you can go to a library and check out as many as you want at a time.. and return them for new books.. I almost think its better that way. Also book stores such at Boarders have great deals.. we’ve gotten quite a few books for the boys as well as for gifts.. ranging from 1-4 dollars at the cheapest. But that many.. yeah that’s nuts unless reading is your passion and your kids literally love to read books a million times a day. But that’s just my two cents

  5. I saw this on a blog and I thought of you.

    I found a blog called Grosgrain that does a whole month of Free Patterns. They are on day 13 and have some really neat patterns listed already. You have to check it out. Let me know which one you want to try. I want to start with day #2’s pattern.

  6. Just read this entry and Im feelin like a bad dad…we have a few dozen books I would guess. I cant imagine where we’d put hundreds! But thats a great stat, makes me wanna get to the library.

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