Yum Yum

Many of you know I try to do things as natural as possible for my kids. I make our main cleaning chemicals, we use cloth diapers and I have always made their food myself. So I thought I would share two of the websites I have used along the way for food help and ideas.

First came Wholesome Baby Food. They have a ton of information on their site about when to introduce new foods and recipe and pairing advice. (what fruits and veggies go well together, not wine pairing suggestions 🙂 )

Then as the girls kept growing we transitioned to Wholesome Toddler Food. The also have recipe ideas and serving suggestions. It is really helpful if you want to give your kids a balanced diet, but are not quite sure exactly what that looks like for their age/development.

So many options for pre-made foods for baby and kids out there are over processed and over preserved, and really… who needs more of that in their life? Simple foods are healthy, inexpensive and nutritious. Not to mention delicious!

If you would like an sample menu, here is what the girls had for lunch today:

Peanut Butter/Banana Sandwich

Strawberry/Kiwi Fruit Salad & Whole Milk Yogurt

Steamed Carrots

Cheddar Cheese Squares

with Graham Crackers and Multigrain Club Crackers to finish it off.

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